Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features Expand to More Devices in 2024

Samsung's Galaxy AI Features Expand to More Devices in 2024
Discover how Samsung's One UI 6.1 update is bringing advanced Galaxy AI features to over 100 million devices, enhancing communication, productivity, and creativity.

Samsung is setting a new standard in mobile technology by expanding its Galaxy AI features to a broader range of devices. Announced on February 22, 2024, this strategic move aims to make cutting-edge AI capabilities accessible to more users worldwide. The One UI 6.1 update is set to bring these innovative features to the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 series starting from the end of March​​.

The Galaxy AI, first introduced with the Galaxy S24 series, is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features designed to revolutionize how users interact with their devices. It employs a hybrid approach, leveraging both on-device and cloud-based AI to provide a seamless and efficient user experience​​. With the goal of democratizing mobile AI, Samsung plans to extend these features to over 100 million Galaxy smartphones within 2024, underlining the company’s commitment to innovation and user empowerment​​.

Among the standout features of Galaxy AI are real-time communication enhancements, including Chat Assist, which offers tone adjustment and message translation in 13 languages, and Live Translate for voice and text translations during phone calls. These capabilities are designed to break down language barriers and facilitate effortless communication​.

Productivity also gets a significant boost with Galaxy AI. Features like Circle to Search, Note Assist, and Browsing Assist streamline everyday tasks, from generating summaries of news articles to translating notes and improving search functions. Additionally, Transcript Assist simplifies the process of transcribing meeting recordings, further enhancing productivity​.

This move underscores Samsung’s commitment to providing ongoing software innovations that enhance user experiences. With the update, users of older devices, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series, will soon gain access to Galaxy AI’s suite of powerful tools. This update is set to begin rolling out from late March, with tablets receiving the enhancements in April

For the creatively inclined, Galaxy AI introduces features like Generative Edit, Edit Suggestion, and Instant Slow-mo, which enhance photo and video editing capabilities. These tools allow users to resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos and generate additional frames for slow-motion videos, unlocking new realms of creative potential​​.

Samsung’s initiative to roll out Galaxy AI features to a wider array of devices signifies a significant step toward the global expansion of mobile AI. By making these advanced capabilities more accessible, Samsung not only enhances the user experience across its ecosystem but also reinforces its position as a leader in technological innovation​.

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