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Silent Hill Transmission: Everything Announced

Silent Hill Transmission

Konami has revitalized the Silent Hill franchise with a series of new projects revealed during the recent Silent Hill Transmission event. Here’s everything that was announced, bringing fresh excitement and developments to the iconic series.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

One of the key announcements was the long-anticipated remake of “Silent Hill 2”. This project is being developed by Bloober Team, known for their work on “The Medium” and “Layers of Fear”. The remake promises completely revamped visuals, voicework, and gameplay, adopting an over-the-shoulder camera perspective. It will initially be available exclusively on PC and PlayStation 5 for the first twelve months post-release​​.

Silent Hill: Townfall

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Another intriguing reveal was “Silent Hill: Townfall”, developed by No Code in collaboration with Annapurna Interactive. While details remain sparse, the teaser suggests a game rich in story, likely to engage players deeply with its narrative complexity​​.

Return to Silent Hill (Film)

The franchise also extends its reach back into the film industry with “Return to Silent Hill”, directed by Christophe Gans, who directed the original Silent Hill movie. The film aims to captivate both new and old fans by diverging from past adaptations and tailoring its story to modern audiences. However, no specific release date has been provided yet​.

Silent Hill: Ascension

“Silent Hill: Ascension” marks a novel approach to engaging with the franchise through a live, real-time interactive series. This project allows the audience to influence the story’s direction through their decisions, making each choice critical to the narrative’s progression. The series is a collaborative effort between Genvid, Bad Robot Games, Dj2 Entertainment, and Behaviour Interactive​​.

Silent Hill

Finally, “Silent Hill f” was announced, developed by Neobards Entertainment. The game presents a blend of horror and mystery, set against a backdrop of disturbingly beautiful scenes transforming into terrifying experiences. Although no firm release date is provided, the concept and visuals shown promise a uniquely eerie addition to the Silent Hill series​.

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