Sony India Launches BRAVIA Theatre Quad for Advanced Home Cinema Experience

Sony India Launches BRAVIA Theatre Quad for Advanced Home Cinema Experience
Discover Sony's new BRAVIA Theatre Quad with advanced features like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and Dolby Atmos for an unmatched home cinema experience. Available now.

Sony India unveiled the BRAVIA Theatre Quad today, an advanced audio system designed to transform home entertainment with state-of-the-art features including 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Sound Field Optimization, and compatibility with IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos. The system is crafted to provide a high-quality cinematic experience with its sleek design and cutting-edge technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Incorporates 360 Spatial Sound Mapping for an immersive audio environment.
  • Features a sleek design that complements any home decor.
  • Equipped with Sound Field Optimization for tailored audio performance.
  • Supports seamless audio-visual synchronization with BRAVIA Acoustic Centre Sync.
  • Includes Voice Zoom3 for enhanced dialogue clarity.
  • Compatible with IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos for a cinema-quality sound experience.
  • Offers intuitive control through the new BRAVIA Connect App.
  • Integrates with voice control and streaming services like Alexa, Airplay2, and Spotify.
  • Provides wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.
  • Easy setup with flexible speaker placement options and simple connectivity.
  • Optional subwoofers available for added bass enhancement.
  • Committed to environmental sustainability and accessibility features.

Transforming Home Audio with Advanced Technology

The BRAVIA Theatre Quad sets a new standard in home audio systems with its 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, creating a three-dimensional sound environment that envelops the listener from all directions. This feature replicates the immersive soundscapes of professional cinemas, bringing superior audio experiences into the comfort of living rooms.

Design and Integration

Sony’s commitment to design and functionality is evident in the BRAVIA Theatre Quad’s appearance, which seamlessly blends with any home decor. The system uses recycled materials, supporting Sony’s environmental goals while maintaining premium sound quality and durability.

Enhanced Viewing and Listening Experience

With the BRAVIA Acoustic Centre Sync, the system ensures perfect audio-visual alignment with compatible BRAVIA TVs, enhancing the cinematic experience. Additionally, the Voice Zoom3 technology enhances dialogue clarity, ensuring that every word is heard clearly, even in noisy scenes.

Connectivity and Control

The system’s integration with various streaming services and voice assistants, along with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming, underscores its versatility and user-friendly design. The BRAVIA Connect App further simplifies the control of the audio settings, making it easy for users to customize their listening experience.

Environmental and Accessibility Commitments

Sony continues its dedication to sustainability and accessibility with the BRAVIA Theatre Quad. The system features materials designed to reduce environmental impact and is developed with inclusive technology to ensure accessibility for all users.


The BRAVIA Theatre Quad is available for purchase at Sony retail stores, major electronic stores, and online platforms in India starting today.

Model and Pricing:

  • BRAVIA Theatre Quad: Rs.1,99,990/-

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