Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Launches in India on April 5, Priced from Rs 44,990

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Launches in India on April 5, Priced from Rs 44,990
Discover the sleek Sony PlayStation 5 Slim launching in India on April 5. Get all the details on features, pricing starting at Rs 44,990, and where to buy.

In a significant development for gaming enthusiasts across India, Sony has announced the launch of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 Slim on April 5. Starting at Rs 44,990, the PlayStation 5 Slim promises a blend of sleek design and powerful performance that has been eagerly awaited by the gaming community.

The PlayStation 5 Slim, though not officially called so by Sony, offers a refined, slimmer design without compromising on the power and capabilities that gamers have come to expect from the PlayStation console family. This model stands out due to its 30% volume reduction and up to 24% weight reduction, offering a more compact gaming experience. Both the digital and disc editions come with 1TB of storage, ensuring ample space for a broad selection of games.

One of the most innovative features of the PS5 Slim is the modular detachable disc drive, allowing users the flexibility to switch between digital and physical media. This addition is particularly beneficial for those who opt for the digital model but later decide to incorporate a disc drive into their console setup. Additionally, the new model introduces redesigned side covers that feature both glossy and matte finishes, contributing to the console’s aesthetic appeal.

The PlayStation 5 Slim is set to replace the original model once the existing stocks are depleted, marking a significant shift in Sony’s console offering. This transition aligns with Sony’s goal of enhancing efficiency and design to better meet the evolving needs of the gaming community.

As for the pricing details, the PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition is priced at $449 (approximately Rs 44,990), and the Disc Edition is available for $499. Moreover, the detachable disc drive accessory is priced at $79.99, offering a cost-effective solution for those who wish to add it to their digital edition console. Additionally, the horizontal stand comes included with the PS5 Slim, while a new vertical stand is available for $29.99.

The launch of the PlayStation 5 Slim in India is not just a testament to Sony’s commitment to innovation but also marks an exciting moment for gamers who have been anticipating this sleeker version of the console. With its enhanced features, sleek design, and competitive pricing, the PlayStation 5 Slim is poised to be a game-changer in the gaming world​.

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