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Tata Technologies and BMW Group to Establish Joint Venture in India

Tata Technologies and BMW Group to Establish Joint Venture in India

Tata Technologies and BMW Group have announced their plans to form a Joint Venture (JV) focused on developing automotive software and IT solutions. The collaboration aims to set up a software and IT development hub in Pune, Bengaluru, and Chennai, India, pending approval by relevant authorities.

Key Highlights:

  • The JV will focus on automotive software, including solutions for software-defined vehicles (SDV), and business IT solutions.
  • Operations will begin with 100 professionals from Tata Technologies, with plans to expand rapidly in the coming years.
  • The venture aims to contribute to BMW Group’s global software coding capabilities and 24/7 operations.

The JV is designed to leverage Tata Technologies‘ digital engineering expertise in India to support BMW Group’s strategic expansion in software development for automated driving, infotainment, digital services, and digitalization and automation of product development, production, and sales processes. Initially, the JV will operate with 100 experienced professionals from Tata Technologies, aiming for significant growth shortly.

Warren Harris, CEO and MD of Tata Technologies, highlighted the commitment to delivering high-quality automotive software and digital engineering solutions globally. He expressed enthusiasm about contributing to BMW Group’s digital transformation and product development efforts.

Nachiket Paranjpe, President of Automotive Sales at Tata Technologies, emphasized the importance of the shift towards software-defined vehicles in the automotive industry. He noted the company’s intention to utilize its domain knowledge and expertise in SDV to support BMW Group in creating technologically advanced and consumer-friendly vehicles.

Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President of Software and E/E Architecture at BMW Group, acknowledged the strategic importance of the collaboration with Tata Technologies. He praised India’s rich talent pool of software engineers and the opportunity to advance in areas like automated driving and artificial intelligence.

Alexander Buresch, CIO and Senior Vice President of BMW Group IT, expressed satisfaction with the expansion of international DevOps hubs and the partnership with Tata Technologies to extend BMW’s footprint in India.

The partnership between Tata Technologies and BMW Group aims to foster innovation and excellence in automotive engineering and digital solutions, setting a benchmark for the industry.


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