Home News WhatsApp May Overhaul Status Updates with New Tray Design

WhatsApp May Overhaul Status Updates with New Tray Design

WhatsApp May Overhaul Status Updates with New Tray Design

WhatsApp, the widely-used messaging app owned by Meta, is reportedly preparing to change the way users interact with Status updates. This new feature, currently under development, could significantly alter the look and feel of the Status tray, potentially making it easier for users to browse and engage with shared content.

A New Look for Status Updates

According to beta testing and reports from WhatsApp news sources, the most notable change is the potential shift to larger, vertical thumbnails for Status updates. Currently, the Status tray displays small circular previews similar to profile pictures. The new design, if implemented, would present users with larger rectangular previews, offering a clearer glimpse of the Status content without the need to open it fully.

This could be a time-saver for those who frequently use WhatsApp Status but want to quickly identify which updates are most relevant to them. It may also improve the overall browsing experience, making it easier to navigate through a long list of updates.

Additional Changes and Considerations

In addition to the larger previews, reports suggest that WhatsApp might also be experimenting with a vertical list format for Status updates, replacing the current horizontal layout. This could further improve the visibility of each update.

It’s important to note that these changes are still in the testing phase and have not been officially confirmed by WhatsApp. It’s possible that the final design could differ from the current reports.

User Feedback and Future Rollout

As with any new feature, user feedback will likely play a significant role in determining whether and how these changes are implemented. WhatsApp has a history of listening to its user base and adjusting features based on their responses.

If the new Status tray design proves popular during testing, it could eventually be rolled out to all WhatsApp users. However, there’s no set timeline for when this might happen.

What This Means for WhatsApp Users

If implemented, this update would be a notable shift in how users interact with WhatsApp Status. The larger previews and potentially altered layout could make it easier and more enjoyable to browse through updates, while also offering a more visually engaging experience.


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