WhatsApp to Soon Allow Users to Customize Chat Bubble Colors

WhatsApp to Soon Allow Users to Customize Chat Bubble Colors
WhatsApp is testing a feature to let users customize chat bubble colors, offering options like blue, white, coral, and purple for a more personalized messaging experience.

In an exciting update for WhatsApp users, the popular messaging app is reportedly testing a feature that will allow users to customize the color of their chat bubbles. This new option aims to provide users with a more personalized messaging experience, moving away from the traditional green and white theme that has been a staple of the app for years.

Customization Options

According to recent reports, WhatsApp users will be able to choose from a selection of colors for their chat bubbles, including green, blue, white, coral, and purple. This feature is currently being tested in the beta versions of the app for both Android and iOS platforms​. The option to change chat bubble colors is part of a broader initiative to enhance the user interface and provide more customization options.

How to Access the New Feature

While the feature is still in the beta phase, it is expected to roll out to all users soon. To access the new color customization options, users will likely need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp once the feature is officially released. The process will involve navigating to the settings menu within the app, selecting the chat settings, and then choosing the preferred chat bubble color from the available options.

Other Recent Updates

This chat bubble color customization is just one of several updates WhatsApp has been working on. The app has recently introduced new features like multi-account support, redesigned icons, and updated user interface elements. Additionally, WhatsApp is also testing new tools for its image and video editor, which will allow users to draw with pencils of varying thickness​​.

Expected Impact

The introduction of customizable chat bubble colors is expected to be well-received by users who have long desired more personalization options within the app. This update aligns WhatsApp with other messaging platforms that already offer extensive customization features, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature to allow users to change the color of their chat bubbles marks a significant step towards greater personalization in messaging apps. As the feature undergoes testing in beta versions, users can look forward to a more colorful and customized messaging experience in the near future.


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