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WhatsApp’s New Features in 2024: A Detailed Overview

WhatsApp's New Features

WhatsApp has continuously evolved, introducing features that enhance user experience, privacy, and security. In 2024, the messaging app is not slowing down, bringing several innovative functionalities to its platform.

Key Highlights

  • Pinned Events in Communities: WhatsApp will automatically pin upcoming events in the community description page, making it easier to track important dates without scrolling through messages​​.
  • Native File Sharing: A native file-sharing feature is introduced, supporting files up to 2GB, with end-to-end encryption and phone number privacy​​.
  • Customizable Themes: Users can now personalize their WhatsApp interface with different theme colors and potentially tweak chat bubble colors.
  • Verified Business Channels: WhatsApp Business Channels can now apply for a blue verified badge, enhancing authenticity​.
  • Usernames: WhatsApp is adding usernames, allowing users to connect without sharing phone numbers, enhancing privacy.
  • HD Photo and Video Status: The app supports sharing photos and videos in HD quality on status updates​.
  • Shared Audio in Video Calls: Users can share video and music audio directly during video calls​​.

Meta-owned WhatsApp continues to improve its popular messaging platform. The latest enhancement comes in the form of expanded message pinning capabilities. Previously, users could highlight only one message within a chat by pinning it. The new update multiplies the convenience factor, allowing users to pin up to three messages.

Why is this useful?

The upgraded pinning functionality addresses a common request from users. Pinned messages can serve various purposes:

  • Highlight crucial information: Keep important announcements, directions, or reminders front and center in a busy chat.
  • Save quick references: Pin frequently used details like addresses, contact numbers, or web links for easy access.
  • Emphasize fun content Keep hilarious memes, photos, or videos easily accessible.

How to Pin Multiple Messages on WhatsApp

The process is the same as the familiar pinning function:

  1. Tap and hold on a message within a chat.
  2. Select the ‘Pin’ option from the menu that appears.
  3. Repeat this process for up to two more messages.

Pinned messages will remain at the top of the chat, making them hard to miss. If more than one message is pinned, a banner will indicate the total number and offer a preview of the most recently pinned message.


The ability to pin multiple messages is currently rolling out across WhatsApp’s Android, iOS, and web versions. Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed to enjoy this handy new feature.

Other Significant Updates and Features:

  • Search Chat by Date on WhatsApp Web: This feature enables users to search for chats by a specific date​.
  • Group Chat Events Creation: Users can create events with details like date and time, shared with all group members​​.
  • WhatsApp for iPad: The anticipated app for iPad will function in companion mode, albeit with some feature limitations​.
  • Animated Avatars for Video Calls: Digital avatars that mimic users’ real-time expressions are introduced for video calls​.
  • Multi-Account Support on Mac: The WhatsApp Mac app adds file sharing by drag-and-drop and multi-device support.
  • WhatsApp Channels: A one-way broadcast tool for updates from various organizations and influencers​​.
  • Message Editing: Users can edit sent messages within 15 minutes, with edited messages marked accordingly​​.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Including Chat Lock, the ability to silence unknown callers, and more comprehensive account protection measures​.
  • AI Integration: Introducing new ways to express and interact using AI technology​​.

Exploring User Interests and Concerns:

Questions about these new features, such as the ability to pin more than one message in a chat or privacy considerations with new functionalities, highlight user engagement and curiosity about optimizing their WhatsApp experience.


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