Xiaomi Dives into the Electric Vehicle Market with Its First EV, the SU7

Xiaomi Dives into the Electric Vehicle Market with Its First EV, the SU7
Discover everything about Xiaomi's first electric vehicle, the SU7. From its impressive range and fast charging capabilities to pricing and availability, learn how Xiaomi is redefining the EV market.

Xiaomi has officially entered the electric vehicle (EV) race with the launch of its first EV, the SU7, marking a significant milestone for the Chinese tech giant renowned for its smartphones and consumer electronics. Amidst an increasingly competitive and rapidly growing EV market in China, Xiaomi is looking to carve out its niche and establish itself as a major player in the automotive sector.

The Xiaomi SU7, unveiled at a highly-anticipated event, has been positioned as a full-size, high-performance eco-technology sedan. This venture into the automotive industry is part of Xiaomi’s broader strategy to create a seamless ecosystem encompassing “Human x Car x Home,” aiming to redefine connectivity by integrating personal devices, smart home products, and cars. The SU7 embodies Xiaomi’s commitment to innovation with its proprietary technologies, including the E-Motor, CTB Integrated Battery, Xiaomi Die-Casting, Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving, and Smart Cabin. With an investment exceeding CNY 10 billion RMB in research and development, backed by a global team of over 3,400 engineers and 1,000 technical experts, Xiaomi’s debut in the EV space is both ambitious and strategic​ ​.

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has set high goals for the SU7, aiming for it to be the “best looking, easiest to drive, and smartest car” in its price range, which is teased to be under CNY 500,000 (approx. $73,580). The anticipation for Xiaomi’s electric sedan is palpable, with the company set to reveal its official pricing and begin taking orders. This move by Xiaomi is seen as a direct challenge to established EV manufacturers like Tesla and BYD, especially in the Chinese market, which is currently the largest auto market globally​​.

The SU7 is not just another electric car; it’s a statement of Xiaomi’s vision for the future of mobility. The vehicle boasts an impressive 101kWh battery, providing an estimated range exceeding 497 miles, and supports fast charging, with Xiaomi claiming a recharge of 317 miles in just 15 minutes using a fast charger. Future enhancements could see the platform accommodating 150kWh batteries, promising an even more staggering range of over 700 miles​.

Pricing for the SU7 is expected to range from 250,000 yuan ($34,827) to 370,000 yuan ($51,529), placing it competitively within the market and making it an attractive option for consumers looking for high-performance electric vehicles without the premium price tag of some competitors. Deliveries of the SU7 are slated to begin from March 28, following the start of order placements​.

In an increasingly crowded market, Xiaomi’s entry is not just about selling cars; it’s about leveraging its existing ecosystem of products and services to offer a uniquely integrated experience. With ambitions to rank among the top five automotive manufacturers globally, Xiaomi is not only targeting the EV market but is also eyeing a niche consumer base willing to invest in its ecosystem. This strategic alignment with its existing customer base, particularly its 20 million premium smartphone users in China, suggests that Xiaomi is not just selling a car but a comprehensive lifestyle choice​​.

Xiaomi’s foray into the electric vehicle sector with the SU7 represents a bold step towards redefining the future of mobility. By integrating its technology ecosystem with the automotive industry, Xiaomi aims to deliver a unique value proposition to its customers, positioning itself as a significant player in the global EV market.


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