Android 15 Beta 2 Rolls Out on Pixel: Introducing Private Space, Saving App Pairs, and More

Android 15 Beta 2 Rolls Out on Pixel
Android 15 Beta 2 rolls out on Pixel devices, featuring Private Space for secure app storage, saving app pairs for better multitasking, and more enhancements.

Google has started rolling out Android 15 Beta 2 for Pixel devices, introducing several new features aimed at enhancing user privacy and app management. This release follows the initial developer preview, continuing to refine and add functionalities as the public launch approaches later this year.

Private Space: A New Level of Privacy

One of the standout features in Android 15 Beta 2 is “Private Space,” designed to offer users a secure area within their devices to store private apps and data. This feature acts similarly to Samsung’s Secure Folder, creating a separate profile where users can hide apps from the main interface. Private Space can be accessed through the Settings menu under “Security & Privacy” and requires identity verification for setup. Users are encouraged to use a dedicated Google account for enhanced security, ensuring that data within Private Space remains isolated from the primary account​.

Once set up, Private Space appears in the app drawer with a lock icon. Apps can be installed privately by either using a dedicated install button within Private Space or long-pressing an app outside it and selecting “Install in Private.” This feature not only keeps apps hidden but also secures browsing history and other sensitive data​​.

Saving App Pairs: Enhanced Multitasking

Another notable addition in this beta release is the ability to save app pairs. This feature improves multitasking by allowing users to create and save pairs of apps that can be launched together in split-screen mode. For example, users can pair a note-taking app with a browser or a messaging app with a calendar, making it easier to manage tasks simultaneously without repeatedly setting up the split-screen view.

Additional Features and Improvements

Android 15 Beta 2 also brings several other enhancements:

  1. Satellite Connectivity: The beta introduces UI elements for a consistent experience across devices using satellite connectivity, allowing users to send and receive messages without a mobile or Wi-Fi network. This feature is particularly useful in areas with limited connectivity​​.
  2. NFC Tap-to-Pay: Improvements have been made to the NFC tap-to-pay functionality, ensuring a more seamless and reliable experience for transactions​​.
  3. App Launch Insights: Developers now have more detailed information about app launches, including whether an app started from a cold, warm, or hot state, and the specific trigger for the launch. This helps in optimizing app performance and user experience​​.
  4. Do Not Disturb Enhancements: Users can now customize Do Not Disturb rules more granularly, adding types to AutomaticZenRule, including special triggers like grayscale display or night mode activation​.
  5. Media Processing: A new mediaProcessing Foreground Service type has been introduced to handle time-consuming operations on media assets, such as converting media to different formats. This ensures smoother media handling without impacting overall device performance​.

Availability and Supported Devices

Android 15 Beta 2 is available for a range of Pixel devices, including Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and the upcoming Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Users already enrolled in the Android Beta Program will receive the update over-the-air. New users can manually flash the beta build following Google’s official instructions​​.

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