Home News Android TV 14 Update: New Features and Improvements Explained

Android TV 14 Update: New Features and Improvements Explained

Android TV 14 Update

In a significant update to its TV operating system, Google has officially released Android TV 14, bringing a suite of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing user experience, accessibility, and overall performance. Here’s a detailed look at what Android TV 14 has to offer.

Enhanced Performance and Sustainability

Android TV 14 introduces several performance improvements, making the TV experience snappier and more responsive. One of the standout features is the introduction of new energy-saving modes. These modes allow users to reduce their TV’s standby power consumption, helping to save energy and reduce electricity bills​​.

Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility has received a major focus in Android TV 14. The accessibility settings are now a top-level menu item, making them easier to access. New features include enhanced text scaling options, which allow users to adjust text size from 85% to 130%, and a bold text option that makes all system text bolder for improved readability. Additionally, new color correction options and audio descriptions are available, providing greater accessibility for users with visual and hearing impairments​.

Multitasking and Picture-in-Picture Mode

Multitasking capabilities have been bolstered with the improved Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. This feature allows users to watch videos or participate in video calls while using other apps. The new implementation supports streaming apps, smart home applications, and video conferencing, making it a versatile addition for multitasking​​.

New Connectivity Features

Android TV 14 also brings improved connectivity options. For instance, there’s now easier access to connect Bluetooth headphones directly from the TV launcher. Additionally, the update includes support for call notifications on certain apps, enabling users to receive and manage calls directly from their TV​​.

Advanced Display Settings

The update features advanced display settings, including a new “format selection” option. Users can now force their TV to use specific display formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, or SDR, enhancing the viewing experience with better picture quality​​.

Privacy and Security Enhancements

Privacy and security have also been upgraded in Android TV 14. Users will receive monthly notifications detailing how apps use their data, allowing for better data management and privacy controls. Furthermore, the update restricts the installation of older apps that use outdated APIs to prevent potential security vulnerabilities​.

Developer Tools and Support

For developers, Android TV 14 brings updated tools and support. The Compose for TV framework has been enhanced, providing dedicated components for TV apps, improved input support, and extensive styling options. These improvements aim to make it easier for developers to create high-quality apps for Android TV​.

Android TV 14 is a substantial update that enhances the user experience through improved performance, accessibility, multitasking, and security features. With these updates, Google continues to refine its TV operating system, making it more user-friendly and feature-rich.


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