Andromeda Launches “OneAndro” App for Loan Management

Andromeda Launches "OneAndro" App for Loan Management
Explore the features of Andromeda's new OneAndro app, designed to simplify loan processes for agents and borrowers in India.

Andromeda, a leading loan distributor in India, has launched a new mobile application called “OneAndro” to facilitate loan processes for borrowers and agents. This app is now available for download on the Playstore.

Key Highlights:

  • “OneAndro” app aims to connect agents with financial service providers.
  • The app includes features for seamless digital onboarding and access to various financial products.
  • Enhanced with integrations such as Equifax and soon, CIBIL, for accessing customer credit reports.
  • A Training Centre within the app offers educational resources for agents.

App Features and Benefits The OneAndro app integrates features that simplify the loan application and distribution process. Agents can easily onboard themselves and gain access to a comprehensive suite of financial products, including home loans, personal loans, and business loans. The app’s design also facilitates quicker data entry, approvals, and loan disbursals via digital APIs.

Partnerships with 27 lenders enhance the app’s utility, ensuring a wide range of financial products are just a tap away. Additionally, the integration of credit reporting agencies like Equifax and the upcoming inclusion of CIBIL will allow agents to pull up credit reports directly within the app, streamlining the process for evaluating loan applications.

Security and Productivity The app is equipped with strong data security protocols to protect user information. Detailed MIS reports provide valuable insights into agent activities, enhancing managerial oversight and boosting productivity.

Comments from Leadership Mr. Raoul Kapoor, co-CEO of Andromeda Sales and Distribution, stated, “The launch of OneAndro is a key step for Andromeda in enhancing our service delivery and expanding our reach across India. Our commitment to leveraging technology aims to provide our customers and partners with efficient financial solutions.”

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