Sony Launches BRAVIA Theatre Quad in India

Sony Launches BRAVIA Theatre Quad in India
Discover Sony's new BRAVIA Theatre Quad with advanced audio technologies like 360 Spatial Sound and IMAX Enhanced compatibility, available now in India.

Sony India has announced the release of its latest audio system, the BRAVIA Theatre Quad, aimed at enhancing the home cinema experience. The system incorporates several modern audio technologies like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Sound Field Optimization, and compatibility with both IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos to offer a rich, immersive audio experience.

Key Highlights:

  • The BRAVIA Theatre Quad features 360 Spatial Sound Mapping for a three-dimensional audio environment.
  • It includes Sound Field Optimization to tailor audio settings to the room’s specific characteristics.
  • Compatible with IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos, it meets high audio standards.
  • The system can be controlled via the new BRAVIA Connect App, integrating with multiple streaming platforms and voice assistants.
  • Optional wireless subwoofers are available to enhance the bass response.

Product Details and Features

Enhanced Audio Technologies

The BRAVIA Theatre Quad employs technologies such as 360 Spatial Sound Mapping which envelops the listener from all directions, mimicking the immersive soundscapes of professional cinemas. Additionally, Sound Field Optimization automatically adjusts audio based on the speaker’s placement and the room’s acoustics, ensuring optimal sound regardless of the environment.

User-Centric Design and Functionality

Sony’s new system not only prioritizes sound quality but also focuses on user accessibility and convenience. The Voice Zoom3 feature, for instance, enhances dialogue clarity, making every word crisp and understandable even in noisy scenes. The system’s design utilizes recycled materials, reflecting an eco-conscious approach.

Seamless Integration and Control

With the BRAVIA Connect App, users can easily adjust settings from their devices, enhancing the personalized audio experience. The system is compatible with popular voice assistants and streaming platforms like Alexa, Airplay2, and Spotify, allowing for hands-free control and access to a vast range of entertainment options.

Expanding Audio Experience with Accessories

For those seeking even deeper bass, Sony offers optional wireless subwoofers like the SA-SW5 and SA-SW3, which integrate seamlessly into the system and provide rich, resonant audio that elevates the cinematic experience.


The BRAVIA Theatre Quad is now available across various retail channels, including Sony Center, Sony Exclusive,, major electronics stores, and other e-commerce platforms in India. Priced at Rs.1,99,990, it is accessible to customers looking for premium home audio solutions.


Sony’s BRAVIA Theatre Quad provides a sophisticated option for home cinema enthusiasts in India, combining advanced audio technologies with user-friendly features and sustainable design elements.

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