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Apple TV+ on Android? Job Listing Suggests Potential Expansion

Apple TV+ on Android

In a move that could signal a significant shift in Apple’s typically exclusive approach to its services, the tech giant has posted a job listing hinting at the development of an Apple TV+ app for Android phones. The listing, discovered by Bloomberg, seeks an “experienced senior Android engineer” to “build an application used by millions to watch and discover TV and sports.”

Decoding the Job Listing

While Apple has not officially confirmed plans for an Android TV+ app, the detailed job description strongly suggests this direction. The role requires a lead developer who would spearhead the creation of a TV and sports app for Android, expanding the reach of Apple’s content beyond its ecosystem.

Why Android?

Apple TV+ is already accessible on various platforms like Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs), some smart TVs, and certain Android TV devices. The potential move to Android smartphones would be a strategic expansion, tapping into a massive user base that Apple has largely ignored with its services. This could translate into a significant increase in subscriptions for Apple TV+, boosting its presence in the highly competitive streaming market.

Expanding Accessibility

The introduction of an Apple TV+ app on Android phones would align with Apple’s recent efforts to make its services more accessible. The company has been gradually opening up its ecosystem, allowing Apple Music on Android and making Apple TV+ available on non-Apple platforms. An Android app would further democratize access to Apple’s original content, like “Ted Lasso,” “The Morning Show,” and “Foundation.”

The Competitive Landscape

With established players like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu dominating the Android streaming landscape, Apple TV+ would face stiff competition. However, the platform’s unique offerings, including critically acclaimed original shows and live sports coverage like MLS Season Pass, could give it a competitive edge.

What to Expect

Should the Android TV+ app become a reality, Android users can anticipate a user-friendly interface akin to the iOS version, offering seamless access to Apple’s original content library. Features like personalized recommendations, offline viewing, and family sharing are also likely to be included.

While the job listing provides strong evidence of Apple’s intentions, the timeline for the potential Android TV+ app remains unclear. If the development progresses, it would mark a significant step for Apple, expanding its reach and challenging established streaming platforms on their home turf. For Android users, it would mean a new avenue to explore Apple’s growing catalog of original content.


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