Atomberg Integrates Salesforce for Improved Customer Service in Appliance Sector

Atomberg Integrates Salesforce for Improved Customer Service in Appliance Sector

Atomberg Technologies has incorporated Salesforce CRM to improve customer service within the home appliance industry. This strategic move aims to personalize and connect customer experiences, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. By employing Salesforce Field Service, Atomberg will empower its frontline workers to provide more reliable support and back-end operations to streamline customer service tasks.

  • Atomberg selects Salesforce CRM to elevate customer experiences in the home appliance sector.
  • The use of Salesforce Field Service is expected to enhance on-site services and operational efficiency.
  • Atomberg maintains a network of over 350 service centers across India, featuring products like energy-efficient fans, mixer grinders, and smart locks.
  • Salesforce’s technology will enable Atomberg to offer personalized, efficient, and eco-friendly home appliance solutions.

Atomberg Integrates Salesforce for Improved Customer Service in Appliance Sector

Atomberg Technologies, a manufacturer of consumer durable home appliances, has chosen Salesforce, a CRM provider, to enhance customer interaction and loyalty in the industry. Through this partnership, Atomberg aims to deliver more personalized and consistent customer experiences.

Salesforce Field Service will play a pivotal role in empowering Atomberg’s frontline workers, connecting field service with back-end operations to increase service efficiency and task scheduling. This integration is expected to boost productivity, encourage better collaboration, and allow the company to prioritize high-value activities, leading to improved customer experiences.

With its rapid growth, Atomberg Technologies has become a significant name in India’s appliance market, bringing innovations that combine thoughtful design with cutting-edge digital technology. The company boasts a comprehensive network of over 350 service centers across the country and offers a range of products including fans, mixer grinders, and smart locks.

Chief Business Officer of Atomberg, Arindam Paul, emphasized the importance of using technology to change customer-home interactions. “We’re excited to partner with Salesforce to empower consumers with smart and energy-efficient home appliances that not only simplify their lives but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future,” he said. Paul highlighted that the collaboration is fueled by a common goal to make homes smarter and more sustainable.

Arun Parameswaran, Managing Director – Sales at Salesforce India, commented on the changing dynamics of the industry, noting that technological advancements and sustainability concerns necessitate continuous innovation and a proactive approach to customer needs. He expressed enthusiasm for supporting Atomberg’s mission of enhancing customer excellence and promoting intelligent, sustainable living through technology.

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