Blinkit Now Delivers PS5 Slim in 10 Minutes: The Quick Commerce Revolution

Blinkit Now Delivers PS5 Slim in 10 Minutes
Blinkit revolutionizes tech delivery with 10-minute drop-offs for the new PS5 Slim in major Indian cities, blending rapid service with cutting-edge gaming tech.

In a bold move that is turning heads across India’s tech and gaming scenes, Blinkit has partnered with Sony to deliver the PlayStation 5 Slim in just 10 minutes. This initiative, launched on April 5, 2024, caters exclusively to customers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The service offers both the disc and digital editions of the PS5 Slim at Rs 54,990 and Rs 44,990 respectively, ensuring that gaming enthusiasts can get their hands on the latest console without the usual delivery wait.

Blinkit, known for its rapid delivery services, is not new to the high-stakes game of quick commerce. Previously, the company has successfully delivered other high-demand tech products like iPhones and Samsung smartphones within similar timeframes. This recent venture into gaming console deliveries further cements Blinkit’s position as a leading player in the quick commerce sector, promising convenience and speed to its customers.

The PS5 Slim itself boasts a sleek design, a significant reduction in volume, and lighter weight compared to its predecessor, enhancing its appeal among gamers. It supports up to 120 frames per second for 4K resolution displays and includes advanced features like HDR and Ray Tracing technology.

This expansion into quick delivery of electronics follows successful ventures in delivering high-demand items like the iPhone 15 series and Samsung Galaxy S24, underscoring Blinkit’s growing influence in the quick-commerce sector. The introduction of fan delivery further diversifies the range of products available through their platform, promising delivery within the same remarkably short timeframe.

Blinkit’s move into electronics delivery has been well-received, reflecting a growing consumer demand for instant access to products, particularly in urban areas where convenience is highly valued. This strategy not only enhances customer satisfaction but also positions Blinkit as a leading player in the fast-paced retail environment.

The response to this service has been enthusiastic, with a broad range of reactions on social media, highlighting the novelty and appeal of receiving a gaming console within minutes of ordering. This quick delivery model is not only a testament to Blinkit’s logistical prowess but also speaks to the evolving consumer expectations in India’s urban centers, where speed and convenience are increasingly valued.

With this innovative delivery solution, Blinkit is not just selling a product; it is also delivering an experience—a thrill that comes from instant gratification, which is rapidly defining the modern retail landscape.


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