Home News Bumble Collaborates with The Dialogue on Tech-Facilitated Gender Violence in India

Bumble Collaborates with The Dialogue on Tech-Facilitated Gender Violence in India

Bumble Collaborates with The Dialogue on Tech-Facilitated Gender Violence in India

Bumble, the dating and social networking app, has joined hands with The Dialogue, a New Delhi-based research and public policy think-tank. Their goal is to promote research aimed at building a safer online environment for Indian women. As a result of this collaboration, The Dialogue, with Bumble’s backing, has released a report titled “#BreakTheSilo: Streamlining Gender Safety in the Digital Space”. Additionally, they’ve initiated a multi-stakeholder responsibility framework to address Technology Facilitated Gender Based Violence (TFGBV) in India.

Key Highlights:

  • The Dialogue’s research indicates a need for a harmonized approach among organizations tackling tech-facilitated gender violence in India.
  • The Dialogue’s report provides a comprehensive framework on harm prevention, intervention, and redressal.
  • Bumble will assist The Dialogue in consultations with policymakers and experts, emphasizing a victim-survivor centric approach.
  • Statements from influential figures underscore the importance of a unified strategy in confronting TFGBV.
  • Several reputable non-profits have endorsed the framework, demonstrating its widespread support.

The research by The Dialogue underscores the fragmented interventions and uneven focus by organizations when addressing tech-facilitated gender violence. The report seeks to close these gaps by facilitating dialogues among various stakeholders, aiming for a unified approach to combat TFGBV.

Bumble Collaborates with The Dialogue on Tech-Facilitated Gender Violence in India

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To support these efforts, Bumble will collaborate with The Dialogue in engaging with policymakers and experts. This collaboration seeks a unified approach that prioritizes the needs of victims and survivors of online gender-based violence.

Kazim Rizvi, Founding Director of The Dialogue, mentioned, “Addressing tech-facilitated gender-based violence requires a fundamental shift in our collective approach to TFGBV in India. With Bumble’s support, we aim to influence India’s upcoming online safety policies, especially during the ongoing revision of our IT laws.”

Mahima Kaul, APAC Public Policy Director at Bumble, added, “Safety has always been central to Bumble’s mission. Our partnership with The Dialogue emphasizes our commitment to elevating discussions on tech-facilitated gender violence.”

Dr. Shamika Ravi, Member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, remarked on the importance of this framework during the launch event. Dr. Heena Vijaykumar Gavit, Member of Parliament, lauded the collaborative effort and emphasized the framework’s role in promoting online safety.

In endorsement, Prataprao Jadhav, Member of Parliament, highlighted the framework’s role in fostering gender equality in the tech space. Notably, several non-profit organizations, active in online safety, have endorsed the framework.

Bumble has a history of advocating for online safety. They have implemented features to combat online misogyny, harassment, and introduced tools like the Private Detector to counter cyberflashing. Moreover, Bumble’s collaborations extend to various organizations, such as StopNCII.org and Partnership on AI, reinforcing its commitment to online safety.

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