Casio Marks National Technology Day with a Nod to Historic Innovations

Casio Marks National Technology Day with a Nod to Historic Innovations

Casio reflects on its longstanding history of innovative contributions to the calculator industry, particularly in India. This day, significant for celebrating India’s technological advancements and scientific achievements, also marks Casio’s impact on educational and professional fields through its advanced calculators.

Key Highlights:

  • Casio introduces India-specific innovations in its range of calculators.
  • Historical models like the world’s first compact relay calculator and graphic scientific calculator are featured in major museums globally.
  • Recent advancements include calculators with localized number displays and GST calculation features.

Journey Through Innovation: Casio’s Calculator Milestones

The Early Innovations: 1950s to 1990s Casio’s journey in pioneering calculator technology began with the launch of the 14-A in 1957, the world’s first fully electric compact relay calculator. Subsequent decades saw several industry-firsts, such as the Casio Mini in 1972, the first personal calculator, and the introduction of the world’s first graphing scientific calculator, the fx-7000G in 1985.

Advancements in the New Millennium The turn of the millennium brought further innovations with the fx-82ES in 2004, introducing a natural math display. This period also witnessed the launch of the fx-991ES Plus in 2007, the first scientific calculator with a natural textbook display, and the Casio DJ-120D in 2010, featuring a localized number display for Indian users.

Recent Developments and Digital Integration Casio continued to innovate with the introduction of 3D graphing capabilities in the fx-CG50 in 2017 and the launch of the world’s first GST calculators tailored for the Indian market in 2018. The latest in their lineup, the Casio Classwiz fx-991EX, offers spreadsheet functionality and QR code graph plotting, setting a new standard in scientific calculators.

Casio calculators are widely available in India at stationery stores, the Casio India Shop, and through major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. For those interested in exploring the latest from Casio, visit their official website.

A Legacy of Precision and Innovation

Casio’s commitment to innovation has not only provided essential tools for educational and professional growth but has also aligned with broader goals of socioeconomic development in India. As we observe National Technology Day, Casio’s role in advancing technology that supports both national prosperity and global presence is proudly acknowledged.

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