Kia India Introduces ‘Kia Krystal’ for Enhanced After-Sales Service

Kia India Introduces 'Kia Krystal' for Enhanced After-Sales Service
Explore how Kia India enhances after-sales service with 'Kia Krystal,' offering live consultations and service streaming via the 'My Kia' app.

Kia India has launched a new service called ‘Kia Krystal,’ designed to improve the after-sales experience by providing video consultations and live streaming of car services. This service is accessible via the ‘My Kia’ app.

Key Highlights:

  • Real-time video updates and live streaming available through the ‘My Kia’ app.
  • Live consultation service now operational at 237 Kia dealerships across India.
  • Plans to expand live streaming to 60 additional dealerships by the end of 2024.

Enhanced Customer Service and Transparency

Kia Krystal aims to enhance transparency for customers by allowing them to view live updates and consultations on the servicing of their vehicles. This initiative not only helps customers stay informed about the work being done but also provides a detailed explanation of costs and resolutions to any issues they might encounter, all from their smartphones.

The service is currently available in 25 dealerships with live streaming capabilities, and there are plans to extend this feature to 60 more by year-end. The company reports that customer feedback on the new platforms has been overwhelmingly positive.

Statements from Kia India Leadership

Hardeep Singh Brar, National Head of Sales and Marketing at Kia India, stated, “We noticed that many customers prefer using our Advance Pick and Drop Service or sending their drivers for vehicle services, which sometimes results in them not being fully aware of the service process. With Kia Krystal, we’re focusing on building trust and enhancing customer satisfaction by offering greater transparency.”

Future Plans and Commitment to Innovation

Kia India plans to broaden the scope of Kia Krystal by introducing welcome calls for new customers to inform them about ownership programs and ongoing offerings. This move is part of Kia’s ongoing effort to leverage digital technology for better customer engagement and satisfaction. The company has a history of implementing digitized services aimed at improving the customer experience, such as Advanced Pick and Drop and various versions of the ‘My Convenience’ service.

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