Home News Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Expansion Accidentally Leaks Early, Spoilers Abound

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape Expansion Accidentally Leaks Early, Spoilers Abound

Destiny 2's The Final Shape Expansion Accidentally Leaks Early, Spoilers Abound

In an unexpected turn of events, Bungie’s highly anticipated “The Final Shape” expansion for Destiny 2 has leaked online ahead of its official June 4th release date. The leak, originating from a mishap on PlayStation 5’s cloud streaming service, has exposed significant plot points, raid details, and new gear, much to the dismay of fans eager to experience the content fresh.

Early Access Sparks Spoiler Frenzy

Reports surfaced on May 29th when players discovered they could access the expansion through PlayStation 5’s cloud streaming. Screenshots, videos, and detailed descriptions of in-game content quickly flooded social media platforms and online communities. This unforeseen incident has ignited a race against time for players seeking to avoid spoilers before the official launch.

Bungie Acknowledges Leak, Urges Caution

Bungie has confirmed the leak, attributing it to an accidental early release on the PS5 platform. The studio has assured players that the issue has been addressed and has urged them to be vigilant against spoilers circulating online.

“It’s always extremely difficult when our team’s hard work is leaked early,” Bungie stated on Twitter. “But we are still excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4th together.”

Implications for the Community

The leak has significant consequences for the Destiny 2 community, especially those looking forward to experiencing the culmination of the Light and Darkness saga firsthand. While many players have embraced the unexpected early access, others are actively avoiding social media and Destiny 2-related channels to preserve their spoiler-free experience.

World First Raid Race Concerns

The leak has also sparked concerns regarding the “World First” raid race, a competitive event where teams worldwide vie to be the first to complete the new raid. With some players potentially gaining an early advantage from leaked information, the integrity of the race may be compromised.

How to Stay Spoiler-Free

For those wishing to avoid spoilers, here are some recommendations:

  • Mute relevant keywords on social media.
  • Avoid Destiny 2 subreddits and online forums.
  • Steer clear of video platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Looking Ahead to June 4th

Despite the leak, excitement remains high for “The Final Shape.” Bungie is working to ensure a smooth official launch and is encouraging players to join them for the grand finale of the Destiny 2 saga on June 4th.


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