Home News Dyson Unveils New Supersonic Professional Hair Dryer

Dyson Unveils New Supersonic Professional Hair Dryer

Dyson Unveils New Supersonic Professional Hair Dryer

Dyson has introduced a new version of its hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic professional, during New York Fashion Week. This product aims to cater to professional stylists with features designed to offer precision drying without causing heat damage. The dryer is noted for being 30% smaller and 20% lighter compared to its predecessors, emphasizing ease of use and maneuverability for styling professionals. It incorporates advanced technology, including a new heater, a high-speed motor, and intelligent attachments that adjust airflow and temperature for optimal results.

Key Highlights:

  • The Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer is introduced as a compact and lightweight tool for professional stylists.
  • It features new heater technology and the Dyson Hyperdymium motor for precise and efficient drying.
  • Intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in attachments tailor airflow and temperature automatically.
  • Designed to reduce strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome among stylists.
  • The product will be available exclusively for professional stylists from March in select markets globally, with availability in India to be announced.

Dyson Unveils New Supersonic Professional Hair Dryer

Dyson engineers revealed the latest innovation in beauty technology, the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer, at New York Fashion Week. This product marks Dyson’s continued efforts to innovate in the beauty industry by offering a hair dryer that is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessors, aiming to provide professional stylists with a tool that enhances their ability to style hair with precision and without heat damage.

The development of the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer was driven by feedback from professional stylists and a detailed analysis of their needs and working conditions. Insights from surveys and interviews with 696 stylists across the UK, US, and Italy highlighted the physical strain and challenges stylists face daily, including the risk of strain-related injuries and the need for a versatile, efficient styling tool.

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Dyson’s response was to engineer a hair dryer that combines a power-dense motor with advanced heater technology and intelligent attachments. These features work together to provide a balanced and precise airflow, enabling fast drying times and styles that maintain hair health. The dryer’s design, which includes a unique ‘r’ curve, was specifically chosen to offer ergonomic benefits, making it easier for stylists to use the tool without fatigue.

The new Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer incorporates several innovative features:

  • Streamlined Flow Heater: A first in Dyson’s hair dryers, this heater design ensures an even distribution of heat, reducing hotspots and the risk of heat damage.
  • Intelligent Heat Control: The dryer monitors air temperature over 20 times a second, ensuring hair is not exposed to excessive heat.
  • Optimised RFID Attachment: Attachments with RFID sensors adjust the dryer’s settings automatically, optimizing it for different hair types and styling needs.
  • Customisable Settings: With three airflow settings and four heat modes, including a constant cold shot, the dryer is adaptable to various styling requirements.

Celebrity stylist Irinel de Leon praised the dryer for its rapid temperature changes, highlighting the tool’s ability to meet the fast-paced demands of professional styling.

The Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer’s design also considers the salon environment, featuring a depth-loaded filter that captures airborne pollutants, extending the time between necessary cleans and protecting the machine’s performance.

This professional-grade hair dryer will be available for purchase by stylists in March in select markets, with specific availability details for India to be announced on the local Dyson website.

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