Exclusive Interview with Mr. H.S. Bhatia MD Kelwon Electronics and Appliances Pvt Ltd, Manufacturing Partner Daewoo India

Mr H S Bhatia

A seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in multinational enterprises such as LG, Airtel, and Videocon, Mr. H. S. Bhatia, currently holds the pivotal position of Managing Director at Kelwon Electronics & Appliances. In his role, Mr. Bhatia is spearheading the significant initiative of relaunching the iconic DAEWOO brand in the Indian market. As the licensee partner for DAEWOO, his strategic vision encompasses the introduction of a comprehensive range of innovative and quality products across diverse categories, including Home Power Energy, Home Entertainment, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care, and Electric Vehicles (EVs). We had a chance to interview Mr. H.S. Bhatia, here’s how it went:

What prompted DAEWOO to re-enter India?

DAEWOO re-entered India due to the country’s status as one of the world’s most promising consumer markets, coupled with its robust economic growth and surging consumer demand. The decision was prompted by India’s position as a significant player in the global market, with the retail industry alone contributing over 10% to the GDP and employing approximately 8% of the population.

In terms of entering India, what was the reason for choosing the brand licensing route?

DAEWOO decided on brand licensing to quickly enter the Indian market. Partnering with Kelwon Electronics allowed them to leverage Kelwon’s expertise and distribution channels to introduce DAEWOO products efficiently.

What kind of business operations you intend to roll out in India?

We plan to introduce a range of business operations in India, focusing on leveraging our innovation capabilities and extensive distribution network. We started by introducing DAEWOO’s Power & Energy products like batteries for vehicles, inverters, solar batteries, UPS systems, and Voltage Stabilizers. We also launched Commercial Alkaline Water Machines and IFP LED TVs this year. Now, we will add more products like audio speakers, water purifiers, fans, and kitchen appliances.

Any plans for future tie-ups?

Tie up or Joint Ventures discussions are as per  future requirements of Technology, Marketing or Funds infusion, and shall be taken at appropriate time.

Also for commercial water alkaline product, what the technology are you proposing?

DAEWOO is the first company to launch Commercial Alkaline Water Machine both for large commercial spaces and small workplaces. It not only improves health of Employees, thereby boosting Productivity indirectly, but also saves the Employer recurring Water Jar cost in these offices. DAEWOO features advanced technology including Alkaline Water + inbuilt RO + UV + UF with   UV Barrel, Lamp, and user-friendly interface. It provides hot, cold, and normal water supply options. They are also equipped with features such as Anti-Oxidant, Alkalinization, Micro-Clustering, UV-Radiation, and Hydrogen Rich properties.

What challenges are anticipated by industry players?

Anticipated challenges by industry players include competition, regulatory hurdles, market saturation, and consumer preferences shifting towards sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

What strategies the government should take to encourage consumers to embrace electric mobility?

To encourage consumers to embrace electric mobility, the government should offer subsidies, expand charging infrastructure, raise awareness through campaigns, and implement supportive regulations to incentivize adoption.

How the efforts by industry and Government contribute to the overall growth of the EV sector?

Industry efforts in innovation and product development, coupled with government support through subsidies, regulations, and infrastructure development, contribute significantly to the overall growth of the EV sector. Collaboration between industry and government expands charging networks, educates consumers, and stimulates market demand, as seen in initiatives like the E-Mobility Promotion Scheme 2024 with Rs 500 crore allocated for subsidies.

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