Exclusive Interview with Mr. Atul Thakker, Managing Director – Minosha India Ltd.

Atul Thakker Managing Director – Minosha India Ltd

Minosha India Limited, an Authorized Ricoh Distributor, has been operational in India for over 27 years with a robust pan-India network of 7 offices and over 300 business partners. What sets Minosha apart is that they deliver a wide array of products and solutions and consistent service levels across the country. They are known as a trusted provider of cutting-edge technology and services designed to meet the evolving needs of the customers. We got a chance to interview Mr. Atul Thakker, MD – Minosha India Ltd. to talk about several aspects of the industry. Here is how to interview went:

What products were displayed/highlighted at Pamex 2024, and how did they contribute to industry advancements?

At Pamex 2024, Minosha proudly showcased its latest lineup of cutting-edge printing solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The highlighted products were our state-of-the-art digital printing presses – ProC9500 and ProC7500, equipped with advanced features such as enhanced color accuracy and faster printing speeds, enabling businesses to achieve higher productivity levels and superior print quality. Also, Minosha demonstrated the latest products in the A4 and A3 Multifunctional Printers to address the high-quality needs of the customers, meeting their print volume requirements. Additionally, our range of eco-friendly printing materials garnered significant attention for their sustainability initiatives, addressing the growing demand for environmentally responsible practices within the printing sector. These innovative offerings underscore Minosha’s commitment to driving industry advancements by providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable printing solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Can you share your past experience at the previous edition of Pamex and highlight specific aspects that exceeded your expectations? Additionally, what were your key takeaways from Pamex 2024?

At the previous edition of Pamex, our experience was nothing short of exceptional. The event exceeded our expectations in numerous aspects, particularly in terms of networking opportunities and industry insights. We were impressed by the quality of exhibitors and the diversity of products showcased, which provided valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies in the printing and packaging sector. The interactive sessions and panel discussions were incredibly informative, offering valuable perspectives on market dynamics and future prospects. Key takeaways from Pamex 2024 include a deeper understanding of the evolving consumer demands and technological advancements shaping the industry landscape. Moreover, we forged meaningful connections with industry peers and potential collaborators, which we believe will drive our business growth and innovation endeavours moving forward.

In what ways did Pamex 2024 prove beneficial to your company’s growth, and have you implemented any insights gained from the exhibition into your business strategy?

Pamex 2024 proved highly advantageous for our company’s growth trajectory. The platform facilitated a robust showcase of our offerings tailored to meet customer requirements, significantly bolstering our visibility and credibility within the industry. With a substantial influx of visitors, we conducted demonstrations, ensuring utmost satisfaction and addressing queries effectively. This extensive engagement not only enriched our pipeline but also provided invaluable insights into customer preferences and market trends. Moving forward, we are strategically planning to expand our demonstration events across various cities, leveraging the momentum gained from Pamex to further solidify our market presence and foster sustained growth.

Now that Pamex 2024 has concluded, what were your overall impressions, and did the exhibition meet your expectations in terms of networking opportunities, industry insights, and potential collaborations?

Pamex 2024 provided an exceptional platform for showcasing our strengths and capitalizing on business opportunities. We were able to present our cutting-edge printing solutions effectively and complete range of Ricoh Printing solutions to engage with a diverse range of customers, gaining valuable insights into their specific requirements. It was evident that the industry is swiftly moving towards complete automation, and we are pleased to note that our products and solutions are aligned with this trajectory. The networking opportunities at Pamex were extensive, allowing us to forge meaningful connections and explore potential collaborations that will further propel our innovation and growth in the market.

We thank Mr. Atul for the interview!

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