Google Contacts App Update: Custom Ringtones Made Easy

Google Contacts App Update
Learn about the new Google Contacts app update that simplifies setting custom ringtones for individual contacts, making personalization easier than ever.

Google is rolling out a much-anticipated feature in its Contacts app, making the setting of custom ringtones for individual contacts simpler and more intuitive. This development aims to enhance user experience by streamlining the process of personalizing ringtones, a feature that allows users to identify callers without looking at their devices. Here’s a comprehensive look at what’s new and how it impacts Android users.

Key Highlights:

  • Simplified Process: The introduction of a dedicated “Ringtones” section within the app means users can easily assign and manage custom ringtones for different contacts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Instead of navigating through multiple menus, users will find a single, accessible location for all ringtone settings.
  • Integration of Existing Custom Ringtones: The update ensures that any previously set custom ringtones are seamlessly integrated into the new section.
  • Preview Functionality: Users have the ability to preview ringtones before assigning them to contacts, ensuring the right choice is made.
  • Easier Management: With all custom ringtones listed in one place, managing and modifying them becomes hassle-free.

The update addresses a common pain point among Android users – the difficulty in tracking which contacts have custom ringtones assigned and the cumbersome process involved in setting them up. By consolidating these functions into a single, user-friendly section, Google Contacts aims to provide a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

How It Works:

The new feature, detected in version of the Google Contacts app, allows users to simply tap “Add contact ringtone,” presenting a list of contacts for which a custom ringtone can be set. This streamlined approach is a significant improvement over the previous method, which required navigating through each contact’s settings individually.


While the feature was first spotted by @AssembleDebug on Twitter/X and highlighted by sources such as 9to5Google and PhoneArena, an official release date has not been provided. However, the inclusion in a recent app version suggests it may be rolled out to users in the near future.

Streamlining the Custom Ringtone Process

Previously, assigning custom ringtones in Google Contacts involved navigating to individual contact entries and digging through menus. Google has now introduced a dedicated “Contact ringtones” section, accessible from the “Fix & Manage” tab within the Google Contacts app.

This new section shows you all your contacts who have custom ringtones assigned. Adding a new custom ringtone is simple: click “Add contact ringtone,” pick your contact, and select your desired ringtone. Google Contacts smoothly integrates with the system’s ringtone picker, letting you use either the included sounds or your own audio files.

Google’s update to the Contacts app represents a thoughtful enhancement to Android’s customization features, focusing on simplifying the user experience. As customization plays a crucial role in how users interact with their devices, such updates are warmly welcomed for making technology more personal and accessible.

This improvement is part of Google’s broader efforts to enrich Android’s messaging capabilities, coinciding with enhancements to RCS features and the introduction of Profiles within the Contacts app. As Google continues to evolve its ecosystem, users can expect further integrations and conveniences aimed at making everyday digital interactions more efficient and personalized.


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