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Google Pixel 8a vs iPhone SE: A Detailed Camera Comparison

Google Pixel 8a vs iPhone SE

With the launch of the Google Pixel 8a and the continuing popularity of the iPhone SE, the mid-range smartphone market is brimming with options. Both phones offer compelling features, especially in the camera department. We took over 200 photos with each device to determine which one offers the better photography experience. Here’s our detailed analysis.

Camera Specifications

Google Pixel 8a:

  • Main Camera: 50 MP, f/1.7
  • Ultra-wide Camera: 12 MP, f/2.2
  • Front Camera: 13 MP, f/2.0

iPhone SE:

  • Main Camera: 12 MP, f/1.8
  • Front Camera: 7 MP, f/2.2

Daylight Photography

In bright, outdoor conditions, the Pixel 8a excels with its higher megapixel count and AI-powered enhancements. Images captured with the Pixel 8a show more detail and better color accuracy. The iPhone SE, while competent, sometimes struggles with overexposure in very bright settings.

Low-Light Performance

Low-light scenarios reveal a stark difference. The Pixel 8a, with its Night Sight feature, delivers clearer and more detailed images, minimizing noise and maintaining color integrity. The iPhone SE, lacking a dedicated night mode, produces grainier images with less detail.

Portrait Mode

Both phones offer portrait modes, but the Pixel 8a’s AI capabilities give it an edge. The Pixel’s ability to better distinguish between the subject and background results in a more natural bokeh effect. The iPhone SE, while delivering decent portraits, occasionally blurs parts of the subject.

Video Recording

For video recording, the iPhone SE maintains its reputation with superior stabilization and color accuracy. The Pixel 8a’s video capabilities are strong but fall slightly behind in stabilization and dynamic range. However, the Pixel 8a offers fun features like Magic Eraser and Best Take, adding versatility to post-production edits.

Special Features

The Pixel 8a introduces innovative features like Magic Eraser, which allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos effortlessly. Additionally, the Best Take feature enhances group photos by selecting the best expressions from a series of shots.

After shooting over 200 photos with both the Google Pixel 8a and the iPhone SE, the Pixel 8a emerges as the winner for most photography scenarios. Its superior low-light performance, higher detail in images, and innovative features make it a more versatile choice for photography enthusiasts. The iPhone SE still holds its ground with excellent video capabilities and reliable performance but falls short in comparison to the Pixel 8a’s overall camera prowess.


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