Google Pixel Watch 3: Everything We Know So Far

Google Pixel Watch 3
Discover everything we know about the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3, including expected release date, features, design changes, and more.

As anticipation builds for the Google Pixel Watch 3, we gather all the information currently available about this highly awaited smartwatch. With expected enhancements in design, functionality, and performance, the Pixel Watch 3 promises to be a significant update to Google’s wearable lineup. Here’s a detailed look at everything we know so far.

Release Date and Pricing

Based on Google’s release patterns, the Pixel Watch 3 is likely to debut in October 2024, coinciding with the launch of the Google Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2​​. Although no official pricing has been announced, it is expected to remain consistent with previous models, starting at $349 for the Wi-Fi version and $399 for the LTE variant​.

Design and Build

The design of the Pixel Watch series has remained relatively stable, featuring a minimalist and sleek look. However, rumors suggest that the Pixel Watch 3 might introduce a new size option. Alongside the traditional 41mm, a larger 45mm model is expected, addressing previous feedback about the watch’s size limitations​. This change could make the Pixel Watch 3 more appealing to users with larger wrists.

Display and Bezels

One persistent critique of the Pixel Watch has been its relatively large bezels. While specifics about the display changes are scarce, there is hope that Google will reduce bezel size to offer a more refined and immersive viewing experience​​.

Performance and Battery Life

The Pixel Watch 3 may feature a new chipset, potentially moving away from the Snapdragon W5 SoC to an in-house chip developed through a collaboration between Google and Qualcomm. This shift could enhance performance and power efficiency.

Battery life improvements are also on the horizon. While the Pixel Watch 2 offered around 24 hours of battery life with always-on display enabled, minor increases in battery capacity are expected for the Pixel Watch 3. Regulatory filings hint at a 307mAh battery, slightly larger than its predecessor’s​.

Features and Software

The Pixel Watch 3 is anticipated to run on the upcoming Wear OS 5, based on Android 14, which is expected to introduce various improvements and new features​​. One notable upgrade is the integration of ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity for Watch Unlock, enhancing the accuracy and speed of unlocking paired devices​.

Charging Method

Google has been inconsistent with the charging methods across its Pixel Watch models. While true wireless charging remains a popular demand, it is unclear if the Pixel Watch 3 will support this feature. Consistency in charging methods is a key area where users hope to see improvement​​.

While many details about the Google Pixel Watch 3 remain speculative, the anticipated upgrades in size, battery life, and connectivity suggest a promising future for Google’s smartwatch. As we await official announcements, these insights offer a glimpse into what could be the next step in Google’s wearable technology.

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