Hanooman Launches as a Major Player in Global GenAI Market

Hanooman Launches as a Major Player in Global GenAI Market
Hanooman debuts as a groundbreaking, multilingual GenAI platform, now available in 98 languages including 12 Indian dialects, designed to democratize AI across diverse sectors.

SML India and 3AI Holding today unveiled their collaborative GenAI platform, Hanooman, now supporting 98 languages, including 12 Indian dialects, aimed at creating a diverse AI ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

  • Hanooman supports 98 languages globally, including 12 from India.
  • Partnerships with HP, NASSCOM, Yotta, Telangana Government, and DARPG to enhance enterprise solutions.
  • Free version available now; premium version to be launched later.
  • Apps available for Android, with iOS version coming soon.

Expanding AI Accessibility and Integration

Hanooman, named after the legendary figure Hanuman, reflects the platform’s goal of utilizing GenAI for societal benefits. Developed through a partnership between SML India and 3AI Holding, Hanooman is designed to be the largest and most accessible multilingual GenAI platform globally. The founders aim to engage 200 million users within its first year.

Strategic Partnerships and Multilingual Support

The platform’s launch highlights partnerships with technology leaders like HP and NASSCOM, which are set to propel AI innovations and support AI startups. Additionally, collaborations with the Government of Telangana and DARPG focus on improving translation and accessibility of important documents, making Hanooman a crucial tool in bridging language barriers within diverse populations.

The platform supports various languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, and more, aiming to democratize GenAI technology by making it accessible in native languages, thus catering to a vast majority of the Indian population.

Technological Innovations and Future Plans

Hanooman combines cutting-edge LLMs with dynamic matrices to provide clear, adaptive insights, facilitating complex data processing. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing tech products and aims to serve sectors like healthcare, governance, financial services, and education with both open-source and enterprise-specific solutions.

Commitment to Inclusive AI

Arjun Prasad, Managing Director of 3AI Holding, emphasizes Hanooman’s role in making AI accessible to all Indians, reflecting a commitment to democratizing advanced technology across urban and rural areas. Dr. Vishnu Vardhan of SML India views Hanooman as a catalyst for societal change, enhancing productivity and innovation across various sectors.

Hanooman is available for download on Android via the Play Store, with an iOS version expected soon. For more details, visit Hanooman’s official website.

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