HMD Global Apologizes for Misleading Marketing of New Pulse Phones

HMD Global apologizes for misleading marketing of its Pulse smartphones, pledges improved accuracy in future promotions.

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia-branded phones, recently issued an apology for misleading marketing related to its new line of Pulse smartphones. The issue centered on promotional posters that exaggerated the capabilities of these budget-friendly devices.

Overview of the Controversy

The controversy arose when promotional materials for the HMD Pulse series—comprising the Pulse, Pulse+, and Pulse Pro—suggested features and specifications that did not align with the actual products. This led to confusion and disappointment among consumers expecting higher specifications.

HMD’s Response

In response to the backlash, HMD Global swiftly issued a formal apology, acknowledging the marketing mishap. The company admitted that the promotional posters did not accurately reflect the specifications of the Pulse series phones. As a remedial step, HMD announced it would update all marketing materials to correct the discrepancies and prevent future misunderstandings.

Details on the Pulse Series Phones

The new line-up includes the HMD Pulse, Pulse+, and Pulse Pro. These phones are notable for their affordability and repairability, characteristics promoted as part of HMD Global’s sustainability efforts. All models run on the Unisoc T606 chip, support Android 14, and are designed to be easy to repair in collaboration with iFixit. The Pulse Pro, the premium model among them, offers a 50-megapixel front and rear camera, a 5000mAh battery, and ample storage options, making it a competitive option in the budget smartphone market.

Implications for HMD Global

This incident has prompted HMD Global to reevaluate its marketing strategies. The company emphasized its commitment to transparency and maintaining trust with consumers. Moving forward, HMD Global has pledged to enhance its marketing oversight to ensure all promotional content is clear and accurate.

The misleading marketing incident has served as a learning opportunity for HMD Global, reinforcing the importance of accuracy in advertising. The company remains dedicated to delivering affordable and innovative devices while upholding integrity in its communications with customers.


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