The Latest on Android 15: Find Out When Your Phone Will Get the Update

The Latest on Android 15
Stay updated with Android 15's rollout schedule, from developer previews to final release, and learn when your device is expected to receive the update.

As Google gears up for the next big leap in mobile operating systems, Android 15 is making headlines with its upcoming features and an elaborate rollout plan. Designed to enhance user experience with improved functionalities and a robust development framework, Android 15 is poised to set new standards in the mobile industry.

Developer Previews and Beta Releases

Android 15’s journey begins with its Developer Preview phase, which kicked off in February 2024. This phase is crucial for gathering developer feedback and refining the system’s new features and APIs. Following the initial preview, a second Developer Preview was released in March, introducing additional features and APIs for further testing and feedback​​.

The transition to a more stable environment is marked by the Beta releases, starting with Beta 1 in April. This release, available to early adopters who enroll in the Android Beta program, provides a more complete and stable platform for testing. Subsequent Beta versions in May and June introduce incremental improvements and prepare for the critical Platform Stability milestone, expected to be reached in Beta 3 in June. This stage solidifies the final APIs and app-facing behaviors, allowing developers to finalize their apps and prepare for the public release.

Final Release and Availability

Following the beta testing, Android 15 is scheduled for its final release to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the broader ecosystem later in the year. Typically, this occurs around October, aligning with Google’s historical release patterns​.

What This Means for Your Device

When Android 15 will hit your specific device varies by manufacturer and model. Generally, Google’s Pixel devices are among the first to receive the latest Android updates, followed by major manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, which tend to roll out updates a few months after the official release. The actual availability will depend on various factors, including carrier approvals and specific regional releases.

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