Home News Humane Issues Urgent Safety Warning: AI Pin Charging Case Poses Fire Risk

Humane Issues Urgent Safety Warning: AI Pin Charging Case Poses Fire Risk

Humane Issues Urgent Safety Warning

Humane, the company behind the AI-powered wearable device “AI Pin,” has issued an urgent safety warning to its customers, urging them to immediately stop using the included charging case due to a potential fire hazard.

The announcement came after Humane received a report of a charging issue, which prompted an investigation into the battery cell used in the charging case. The company found that certain battery cells, supplied by a third-party vendor, do not meet their quality standards and could pose a fire safety risk.

What’s the Problem?

Humane did not specify the exact nature of the charging issue, but it’s clear that the problem lies with the battery cells in the charging case. These cells may overheat or malfunction during charging, leading to a potential fire hazard.

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Who’s Affected?

This warning affects all AI Pin owners who use the original charging case that came with the device. Humane has not disclosed how many customers are affected, but it’s likely a significant number considering the AI Pin’s recent launch.

What Should You Do?

Humane is urging all AI Pin owners to immediately stop using and charging their devices with the original charging case. The company is working on a solution and will provide updates to customers as soon as possible.

The AI Pin’s Rocky Launch

This safety warning adds another challenge to the AI Pin’s already rocky launch. The device, which was touted as an AI-powered alternative to smartphones, has received mixed reviews due to its high price, limited functionality, and cumbersome interface.

Humane’s response to this safety issue will be critical in determining the future of the AI Pin. The company needs to address the problem swiftly and transparently to regain customer trust.

What’s Next?

Humane has “disqualified” the vendor responsible for the faulty battery cells and is actively seeking a new supplier. The company is also offering two months of free subscription service to all AI Pin owners as a gesture of goodwill.

While this incident is undoubtedly a setback for Humane, it also highlights the importance of thorough quality control, especially when dealing with potentially hazardous components like lithium-ion batteries.

If you own an AI Pin, stop using the charging case immediately and await further instructions from Humane. The company’s response to this issue will be a crucial test of its commitment to customer safety and product quality.

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