India’s Auto Sector Embraces EVs and Connected Tech

India's Auto Sector Embraces EVs and Connected Tech

The EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum, organized in New Delhi by Konnect Worldwide Business Media, spotlighted the significant shift in India’s automotive industry towards electric vehicles (EVs) and connected vehicle technologies. The event brought together key industry leaders to discuss the future of mobility in India, emphasizing the integration of connected vehicles, autonomous driving, electric, and shared mobility.

Key Highlights:

  • India is now the fifth largest car market globally, with potential to reach the top three.
  • The Indian Government is supporting the EV push with policies like Automotive PLI, FAME 2, and ACC Batteries scheme.
  • The forum featured discussions on the importance of AI and 5G in transforming mobility, with contributions from leading EV enterprises, OEMs, and auto companies.
  • Speakers highlighted the role of technology in creating more interconnected, intelligent vehicles that enhance safety, comfort, and efficiency.

India's Auto Sector Embraces EVs and Connected Tech

Anuj Sidharth from MediaTek emphasized the role of technological advancements in autonomous driving and AI in shaping a future of interconnected mobility. MediaTek’s solutions aim to support the development of intelligent vehicles through high-performance computing and collaboration with top automotive brands.

Sanjay Gupta of Spark Minda discussed the pivotal role of AI and communication technologies like 5G in evolving AI-Cabin and connected vehicles into intelligent companions that improve safety and efficiency.

Ramachandran S from Infosys Knowledge Institute pointed out the future of micromobility in urban transportation, stressing the need for better infrastructure and governance for sustainable growth. He highlighted how vehicle connectivity and digital technologies are crucial for the safe deployment of micromobility solutions.

The forum also delved into AI & 5G for connected vehicles and the trends in two-wheeler EV connected mobility, featuring senior leaders from various companies including MediaTek, Continental Automotive, and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Aditya Ganjapure of Green Tiger Mobility underscored the importance of connected and smart mobility in technological advancement and transportation efficiency, praising the forum for highlighting these critical areas.

Sunil David, a digital technology consultant, celebrated the convergence of AI and 5G in enhancing connected vehicles, envisioning a future of seamless, personalized mobility.

Rahul Sindhwani, CEO of Konnect Worldwide Business Media, highlighted the government’s focus on electric mobility and the forum’s role in fostering industry collaboration to embrace the revolution brought by 5G and AI in the automotive sector.

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