Infinix Set to Launch GT 20 Pro and GTBook on May 21

GT Launch date
Discover the new Infinix GT 20 Pro and GTBook launching on May 21, designed to revolutionize gaming with innovative accessories and features.

Infinix has announced the launch of its new gaming ecosystem, the Infinix GT Verse, which includes the GT 20 Pro smartphone and the GTBook laptop, scheduled for May 21. This launch is highly anticipated among gaming enthusiasts in India, looking to enhance their gaming experience with advanced technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Official launch date for the Infinix GT 20 Pro and GTBook is May 21.
  • The launch includes gaming accessories like MagCase, Finger Sleeves, cooling fan, RGB mat, headphones, and mouse.
  • GT 20 Pro features a mecha loop-led interface with game lighting effects.
  • GTBook includes a customizable RGB Lighting Mecha bar and a four-zone lighting RGB keyboard.

Overview of the GT Verse Gaming Ecosystem

The Infinix GT Verse gaming ecosystem is designed to cater to gamers’ needs with its advanced features and accessories. The GT 20 Pro, a key component of the ecosystem, boasts innovative game lighting effects and a mecha loop-led interface that promises to enhance the gaming experience. On the other hand, the GTBook is equipped with a Mecha bar that allows for customizable RGB lighting and a sophisticated four-zone lighting RGB keyboard, making it a formidable choice for gamers seeking performance and style.

Advanced Gaming Accessories

Alongside the GT 20 Pro and GTBook, Infinix is also launching a range of gaming accessories designed to complement the gaming experience. These include the MagCase, Finger Sleeves for improved control, a cooling fan to maintain device performance, an RGB mat, RGB headphones, and an RGB mouse. Each accessory has been developed to integrate seamlessly with the GT 20 Pro and GTBook, enhancing usability and gaming effectiveness.


The upcoming launch of the Infinix GT 20 Pro and GTBook marks a significant development in the gaming sector, particularly for the Indian market. With these innovations, Infinix aims to fulfill the needs and preferences of gamers, offering them a comprehensive and enhanced gaming experience.

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