Instagram’s Latest Creative Wave: New Stickers and Features for Stories

Instagram's Latest Creative Wave
Discover Instagram's latest update with new AI stickers and 'Add Yours' templates in Stories to boost your creativity and engagement. Learn how to use them effectively!

Instagram has rolled out an array of new stickers and features for Stories, aimed at enhancing user creativity and interactivity. This latest update introduces a suite of tools that encourage personal expression and community engagement through innovative use of stickers.

Unleashing Creativity with AI Stickers

One of the standout additions is the introduction of custom AI stickers. These stickers allow users to transform personal photos or videos into unique, interactive elements within their Stories. By utilizing a new AI feature, users can easily “cut out” any object from their uploaded media to create custom stickers. This functionality extends the creative possibilities, allowing for more personalized and engaging Stories​​.

Enhanced Interaction with ‘Add Yours’ Templates

Instagram also enhances its ‘Add Yours’ sticker, which now includes customizable templates. This feature lets users create prompts that their followers can respond to, fostering a meme-able chain of Stories. It’s designed to boost interaction, allowing users to engage with a wider community by sharing themed content that others can easily add to​.

New Engagement Features: Hype Comments

Adding to the social interaction, Instagram has introduced ‘Hype Comments’ for Stories. This feature expands beyond the typical emoji reactions, enabling users to leave visible comments on Stories. It provides a new layer of engagement, turning passive viewers into active participants in the storytelling process​​.

How to Use the New Stickers

Using the new stickers is straightforward:

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the Stories section.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon to access the sticker tray.
  3. Select the new AI sticker or the ‘Add Yours’ template sticker.
  4. For AI stickers, choose or upload a photo or video and use the AI tool to create your custom sticker.
  5. Once created, place the sticker on your Story and share it with your followers.

These new tools are part of Instagram’s broader effort to empower content creators and enhance user interaction on the platform. As these features roll out, they offer fresh ways for users to express themselves and connect with others in the ever-evolving digital social space.


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