Instagram’s New Policy to Penalize Reposted Content: What Creators Need to Know

Instagram’s New Policy to Penalize Reposted Content
Discover how Instagram's new algorithm update in 2024 prioritizes original content over reposts, transforming content strategies for creators and marketers.

In an era where digital originality is becoming increasingly valued, Instagram has introduced significant changes to its algorithm to prioritize original content over reposts. This development marks a pivotal shift in how content is ranked and displayed across the platform, fundamentally altering content strategies for creators and marketers alike.

Understanding the Changes

Instagram’s updated algorithm, as announced by Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, emphasizes the importance of originality in content creation. Content that is created from scratch will now receive more visibility and higher ranking in comparison to reposted content. This change is designed to reward creators who invest time and effort into producing unique and engaging content, while reducing the prevalence of reposted material that often clutters user feeds​​.

Impact on Explore and Reels

The Instagram Explore page and Reels have also been adjusted to align with this new focus on originality. The Explore page algorithm, which helps users discover new content, will now prioritize posts that seem to be popular and engaging, based on the user’s past interactions like posts they’ve liked or saved​​. Similarly, the Reels algorithm will boost content that is not only engaging but also unique and creatively uses the platform’s features like effects and filters​​.

Strategic Implications for Marketers and Creators

For marketers and creators, this update necessitates a shift towards more creative content production. It’s no longer sufficient to rely on reposts or slightly modified content from other creators. Instead, there is a greater incentive to develop content that can stand out in the crowded Instagram feed. This change might involve using high-quality visuals, engaging narratives, and interactive elements that encourage user interaction.

What This Means for Reposts

While reposting is not banned, the effectiveness and reach of such content will likely diminish. Creators who frequently repost content must rethink their strategies and possibly focus more on collaboration or curating original content that reflects their brand’s unique voice and style.

Instagram’s shift towards prioritizing original content aims to enhance the user experience by providing more diverse and engaging content. It’s a call to action for brands and creators to innovate and creatively engage with their audience. As Instagram continues to update its algorithm, staying adaptable and forward-thinking will be key to thriving on the platform.


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