Jabra Unveils Cutting-Edge Updates to Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 at CES 2024

Las Vegas, CES, 10 January 2024 – Jabra, a prominent player in the realm of true wireless sound and hybrid work solutions, has announced a series of noteworthy updates to its Elite wireless earbuds, the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10, at CES 2024. These updates promise to elevate the audio experience for users, offering improved noise suppression, call clarity, and enhanced functionality.

Key Highlights:

  • New noise suppression algorithms for enhanced Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).
  • Clearer calls in bustling environments, such as offices and restaurants.
  • Wind noise detection technology for improved ANC performance.
  • Customization options for earbud settings.

Jabra Unveils Cutting-Edge Updates to Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 at CES 2024

The forthcoming updates, scheduled for availability in January, will introduce an easily accessible on/off toggle for Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), HearThrough, and Sidetone features, along with voice tone prompts. This empowers users to personalize their earbuds according to their preferences and even customize the device name of their earbuds.

By March, users can anticipate an optimization designed to enhance call clarity on the Elite 10 in noisy environments, ensuring uninterrupted conversations. Jabra’s advanced noise suppression algorithms are engineered to identify and reduce background voices, enabling crystal-clear communication.

The Adaptive ANC on Elite 8 Active, combined with HearThrough, will be even more effective in windy conditions, thanks to upgraded wind noise detection technology. This enhancement aims to provide users with a superior audio experience even in adverse weather conditions.

The announcement of these updates at CES 2024 underscores Jabra’s dedication to continuous innovation and delivering unparalleled audio experiences to its users. Whether through new product releases or software updates, Jabra is committed to improving audio quality, functionality, and overall usability of its latest generation earbuds.

Ehtisham Rabbani, Head of Consumer Products at Jabra, stated, “Our commitment to our customers remains steadfast. We actively listen to market feedback, which fuels our drive to continually enhance user experiences. We provide ongoing improvements throughout our product’s lifespan, ensuring that our users always enjoy the best of Jabra.”

In conclusion, Jabra’s unveiling of these cutting-edge updates for the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds at CES 2024 demonstrates their dedication to staying at the forefront of audio technology and delivering top-notch experiences to their users. With enhanced noise suppression, call clarity, and customization options, these updates promise to elevate the user’s audio experience to new heights.

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