Lexar and Clarion Computers Form Strategic Partnership in East India

Lexar has announced its strategic partnership with Kolkata-based Clarion Computers to expand its distribution and sales in West Bengal, aiming to enhance the availability of its memory and storage solutions across East India. This collaboration intends to utilize Clarion Computers’ extensive network of over 500 retail stores to distribute Lexar’s wide range of products.

Key Highlights:

  • Lexar appoints Clarion Computers as its strategic channel partner in West Bengal.
  • The partnership aims to leverage Clarion’s network of over 500 stores for broader distribution.
  • Focus on increasing channel and retail sales of Lexar’s memory solutions.
  • Lexar’s SSD portfolio is currently distributed by Clarion, with plans to add DRAM products.
  • The partnership seeks to meet the rising demand for high-quality data storage in the region.

Lexar partners with Clarion Computers to expand its memory and storage solutions distribution in East India, targeting over 500 retail outlets.

Lexar, recognized for its memory and storage solutions, is set to broaden its reach in East India through a partnership with Clarion Computers. This strategic move aims at propelling the distribution and sale of Lexar’s products, including SSDs, DRAM modules, and more, across West Bengal’s extensive retail network.

Pallav Surai, Regional Sales Manager – East India at Lexar Co. Ltd, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Clarion Computers’ significant market network and expertise as crucial for expanding Lexar’s presence in the region. Surai is optimistic that this collaboration will enhance the availability and accessibility of Lexar’s products in East India.

Clarion Computers, represented by Business Partner Chetan Seksaria, has welcomed the partnership, underscoring Lexar’s reputation for innovative and reliable memory solutions. Seksaria believes this collaboration will allow them to meet the growing demand for advanced memory solutions in the market, offering customers a wider range of high-quality, secure storage products.

The partnership is also aligned with Lexar’s commitment to ensuring its products are widely available, not just in retail stores but also through major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart, among others. This strategy aims to address the increasing demand for data storage devices, driven by the surge in digitization and the introduction of advanced technologies across various industries in India.

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