Lypertek and Headphone Zone Unveil PurePlay Z3 Earbuds in India

Lypertek, in collaboration with Headphone Zone, has launched the PurePlay Z3 True Wireless Earbuds in India, marking a significant addition to the country’s audiophile market. This launch represents a unique partnership, as it’s the first time Headphone Zone’s name and logo are featured on a product. The PurePlay Z3, stemming from the success of Lypertek’s TEVI earbuds, promises high-quality audio and user-friendly features.

Key Highlights:

  • Lypertek collaborates with Headphone Zone to release the PurePlay Z3 True Wireless Earbuds in India.
  • The PurePlay Z3 is the first product to feature Headphone Zone’s branding.
  • It builds upon the foundation of Lypertek’s TEVI earbuds, with improvements in sound quality and usability.
  • Aimed at the Indian audiophile market, the earbuds are priced affordably at ₹5,999.
  • Features include Graphene drivers, Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset, long battery life, fast charging, and IPX7 water resistance.

Lypertek and Headphone Zone Unveil PurePlay Z3 Earbuds in India

The collaboration between Lypertek and Headphone Zone for the PurePlay Z3 earbuds in India combines Lypertek’s expertise in audio technology with Headphone Zone’s understanding of the Indian market. The PurePlay Z3 originated from Lypertek’s TEVI, a product that set new benchmarks in the industry. This latest version maintains high sound quality while introducing improvements for better user experience.

Raghav Somani, Founder and CEO of Headphone Zone, expressed confidence in the PurePlay Z3’s audio capabilities, emphasizing its comparison with higher-priced flagship earbuds. He highlighted the product’s value and the significance of featuring Headphone Zone’s branding as a mark of endorsement.

The PurePlay Z3 is now available for purchase exclusively on Headphone Zone’s website. Its notable features include Graphene drivers for exceptional sound quality, Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset for seamless connectivity, extended battery life, fast and wireless charging options, IPX7 rating for all-weather durability, advanced microphone quality for clear calls, and foam ear tips for a comfortable fit.

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