Maximize Summer Savings with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay
Save on summer travel with Amazon Pay! Enjoy discounts on flights, hotels, and more, plus earn cashback on purchases.

As summer approaches, many are starting their vacation planning. Amazon Pay offers various benefits for both Amazon Prime and non-Prime members, aiming to make booking travel and accommodations more affordable and convenient.

Key Highlights:

  • Up to INR 5000 off on international flights and up to 10% off on domestic flights.
  • Up to 30% savings on hotel bookings through Amazon Pay.
  • Additional perks like cashback on travel expenses and shopping, including fashion and travel essentials.

Streamline Your Travel Plans

Flight Deals to Get Excited About

Travelers booking their tickets through Amazon Pay can save up to INR 5000 on international flights and enjoy up to 10% off on domestic flights. Additionally, users of the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card can receive 5% cashback on these bookings, enhancing the savings.

Hotel Bookings Made Easy

After securing flights, finding the right accommodation is next. Whether looking for a budget-friendly hotel or a more luxurious stay, Amazon Pay offers up to 30% off on hotel reservations, catering to all preferences and budgets.

Convenient Cab Services

The hassle of airport transfers and local transportation can be managed easily through Amazon Pay. Services like Ola and Uber are available with one-click payments, and Prime members benefit from 5% cashback on Uber rides.

Enhance Your Travel Experience

Chic Travel Fashion and Essentials

Prepare for your trip by shopping for the latest fashion trends, sunglasses, and beauty essentials on using Amazon Pay. Prime members receive 5% cashback, while non-Prime members get 2% cashback. For those without a credit card, Amazon Pay UPI also offers assured rewards.

Stay Connected

Don’t forget to pick up travel necessities such as noise-cancelling headphones, travel adapters, and portable chargers. Purchases made with the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card bring additional cashback—5% for Prime members and 3% for non-Prime members.

Planning a summer vacation can be stress-free with the right tools and discounts at your disposal. With Amazon Pay, travelers can not only plan efficiently but also save significantly on various aspects of their trip.


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