Portronics Launches Car Power 65: A New Solution for Charging On the Go

Portronics Launches Car Power 65: A New Solution for Charging On the Go
Discover the new Car Power 65 by Portronics, an efficient car charging solution for smartphones and laptops, available now online and in stores.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable charging solution while traveling is crucial. Portronics has introduced the Car Power 65, a dual-port car charger, to meet the charging needs of commuters. This device provides an efficient charging solution using the car’s auxiliary power outlet, allowing for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

Key Highlights:

  • Portronics Car Power 65 is a new car charger with dual charging ports.
  • Offers a 65W Type-C PD port and an 18W USB port for versatile device charging.
  • Available on Portronics’ official site and major e-commerce platforms.

The Car Power 65 features a 65W Type-C Power Delivery (PD) port for fast charging, alongside a full-size 18W USB port. It is designed to accommodate a variety of electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets. This makes it an ideal accessory for anyone needing to stay charged while on the road.

Device Features and User Benefits

The charger includes LED indicators that inform users when their devices are charging. Additionally, it comes with a 2-meter-long 100W cable, enhancing user convenience by allowing device use without restriction during charging.

Pricing and Availability

The Car Power 65 is available for purchase at an introductory price of INR 1,599. It comes with a 12-month warranty and can be bought from Portronics.com, Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, and various other online and offline retailers.

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