MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300 Chipset with Advanced AI Capabilities

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300 Chipset with Advanced AI Capabilities

MediaTek has announced the release of the Dimensity 9300 chipset, featuring an innovative All Big Core design aimed at enhancing the performance and efficiency of flagship smartphones. The chipset promises to significantly improve experiences in gaming, video capture, and on-device generative AI processing.

  • MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 is built on TSMC’s third-generation 4nm process.
  • The chipset introduces a unique All Big Core design and incorporates an advanced APU 790 AI processor.
  • Performance improvements include double the integer and floating-point operations and a 45% reduction in power consumption.
  • Enhanced gaming experience with Arm’s Immortalis-G720 GPU and a hardware raytracing engine.
  • Upgraded mobile photography capabilities with a low-power AI-ISP, 4K resolution support, and adaptive HDR recovery technology.
  • Features Wi-Fi 7 with speeds up to 6.5 Gbps and supports the highest LPDDR5T memory speed at 9600Mbps.
  • The chipset prioritizes security with a design that resists physical attacks and supports Arm’s advanced MTE technology.

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300 Chipset with Advanced AI Capabilities

MediaTek has introduced the Dimensity 9300, its latest flagship mobile processor. Designed to enhance smartphone capabilities, the chipset integrates an All Big Core design with MediaTek’s leading power efficiency standards.

Joe Chen, President of MediaTek, stated, “The Dimensity 9300 brings a significant increase in computing power to flagship smartphones with our All Big Core design.” He highlighted that the architecture, in combination with the upgraded on-chip AI Processing Unit, is set to revolutionize generative AI applications by exploiting edge AI and hybrid AI computing capabilities.

The integrated APU 790 AI processor within the Dimensity 9300 aims to boost generative AI performance and energy efficiency for more rapid and secure edge computing. It claims to offer improved processing speed, with image generation taking place in under a second using Stable Diffusion, and introduces mixed-precision quantization technology to enhance memory utilization for large AI models. The APU 790 is said to be capable of supporting large language models and will facilitate developers in deploying multi-modal generative AI applications.

For gaming, the chipset features Arm’s latest Immortalis-G720 GPU, purportedly offering a significant increase in performance without compromising on battery life. Additionally, it boasts capabilities for mobile photography and video capture, including support for 4K resolution at 60 fps with always-on HDR, real-time bokeh tracking, and AI noise reduction.

The Dimensity 9300 also brings advancements in display technology, enabling real-time object and background detection and dynamic adjustments of contrast, sharpness, and color for an enhanced video experience.

Connectivity features of the chipset include support for Wi-Fi 7 and improved tethering speeds through MediaTek’s Multi-Link Hotspot technology.

In terms of security, the Dimensity 9300 focuses on protecting data access with a privacy-centric design and supports Arm’s Memory Tagging Extension technology to facilitate developers in identifying and resolving memory-related bugs.

The first smartphones equipped with the Dimensity 9300 are expected to hit the market by the end of 2023. For more information on MediaTek’s Dimensity portfolio, interested parties can visit the official MediaTek website.

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