Meta Introduces Advanced AI Features for Advertisers

Meta Introduces Advanced AI Features for Advertisers
Discover how Meta's new AI features can transform your ad campaigns with advanced image and text generation tools.

Meta has recently unveiled new generative AI capabilities designed to enhance advertising creativity and efficiency. These features include sophisticated image and text generation tools aimed at supporting businesses throughout their advertising campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  • New AI tools allow for the creation of varied images and text, enhancing ad customization.
  • Features include text overlays, image expansion, and adaptation to different formats on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Rollout of these features is expected to be complete by year-end.

Generative AI for Image Customization

Meta’s latest update introduces an innovative feature that enables businesses to generate diverse image variations directly from their original ad creatives. This includes creating new backgrounds and adjusting images to fit various media surfaces effectively. Additionally, advertisers can now enhance images with text overlays, selecting from a range of popular fonts, further personalizing the ad experience.

Enhanced Text Generation Capabilities

Meta is also enhancing its text generation capabilities, allowing advertisers to produce varied headlines and primary texts that resonate with their brand’s voice. These improvements are based on feedback from advertisers seeking more diverse text options that align with their marketing strategies. The forthcoming integration with Meta Llama 3, an advanced language model, promises to boost these capabilities significantly.

Centralized AI Features in Advantage+ Creative

All generative AI tools have been consolidated under Advantage+ creative in Ads Manager, making them accessible in one place. This integration aims to streamline the ad creation process, offering businesses the dual benefits of automation and creativity, thereby improving overall ad performance.

Meta also continues to enhance its suite of advertising tools, including Advantage+ creative optimizations for video ads and Advantage+ catalog ads that deliver tailored product recommendations.


Meta’s new generative AI features are set to revolutionize how businesses approach ad creation, offering tools that foster creativity and efficiency. By centralizing these tools in Advantage+ creative, Meta provides a comprehensive solution that empowers advertisers to produce compelling, customized ads more efficiently.

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