MG Motor India Launches AI-Focused Electric Mobility Initiative with Startup India and Manthan

MG Motor India, in partnership with Startup India and Manthan, has announced the launch of the MG Developer Program and Grant (MGDP) Season 5.0. The initiative, themed ‘Artificial Intelligence in Electric Mobility’, is designed to expand the innovation platform for startups, developers, and innovators. It aims to serve as a launchpad for new ideas in the field of electric mobility.

Key Highlights:

  • MGDP 5.0 is centered on the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence in Electric Mobility’.
  • The program is in collaboration with entities such as AWS, Exicom Telesystems, Lohum, and DRIIV.
  • It aims to foster the advancement of innovators and entrepreneurs in the automotive sector.
  • More than 1,450 startups have been mentored through MGDP over five years.
  • 34 startups have been shortlisted in the current season for pilot projects with MG Motor India.

MG Motor India Launches AI-Focused Electric Mobility Initiative with Startup India and Manthan

The MG Developer Program and Grant, initiated in 2019, is now in its fifth season. The program includes collaborations with various technology partners like AWS, Exicom Telesystems, Lohum, and DRIIV. Its primary goal is to support and empower startups and innovators by providing them a platform to develop new applications and experiences for MG and its customers.

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director at MG Motor India, highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and its role in the automotive industry’s transformation. He emphasized the importance of AI in electric mobility and the program’s contribution to positioning India as a key player in innovation and technology.

Dr. Sapna Poti, Director at the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, remarked on the significance of the initiative in advancing AI and electric mobility. She noted that the program extends beyond idea generation to act as a catalyst for creating a more sustainable and intelligent mobility landscape.

Aastha Grover, Head of Startup India, emphasized the crucial role of innovation and technology in the growth of any sector. She pointed out the potential of AI to revolutionize transportation, making it safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Grover praised MG’s effort in nurturing talented innovators who can significantly impact the automotive industry.

The MGDP has a track record of mentoring a significant number of startups in areas like Connected Car technology and electric mobility, with the support of partners like Jio, SAP, and Exicom. MG Motor India has also facilitated mentorship from over 100 experts, including its leadership and technology partners.

This season, MG Motor India has shortlisted 34 promising startups through the MG Developer Program and Grant. These startups are engaged in pilot projects with the company, reflecting MG’s ambition to lead in Artificial Intelligence in Electric Mobility and create a pipeline of innovative ideas for customers in India.

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