Vivo Ignite 2023: A Showcase of Young Talent in Technology and Innovation

Vivo Ignite 2023 has emerged as a significant event in the realm of technological innovation and creativity among young minds. The event, commencing on November 25, 2023, and culminating in a grand finale on February 10, 2024, has witnessed overwhelming participation.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 19,000 registrations and more than 4,000 innovative projects submitted.
  • Open to students in grades 8-12 under the ‘Tech for Good’ theme.
  • The contest comprises two phases leading up to the grand finale.
  • Top prize of INR 7 lakhs, with INR 14 lakhs to be shared among four runners-up.
  • Collaboration with CIET-NCERT and iHub DivyaSampark, aiming to nurture future innovators.
  • Certificates and exciting goodies for all 10 national finalists and 200 zonal winners.

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The Vivo Ignite 2023 has set a new benchmark in encouraging young talent. Garnering more than 19,000 entries, a significant increase from last year’s 3,000 participants, this event is a testament to the growing interest and capability of India’s youth in technology and innovation. The competition, open to students from 8th to 12th grades, revolves around the theme ‘Tech for Good’, encouraging participants to devise problem-solving approaches for positive social impact.

The competition unfolds in two distinct phases, culminating in a grand finale. In the second phase, the top 200 zonal winners, who have already showcased their ingenuity, are required to submit a video of their prototype or working model along with a project display board.

The Vivo Ignite Awards 2023, in collaboration with CIET-NCERT and iHub DivyaSampark, are not just about winning prizes. They aim to cultivate a culture of innovation and provide a platform for sustainable, globally competitive creative ideas. The top 10 national finalists, selected from the top 25 ideas, will have the opportunity to present their project prototypes at the grand finale in New Delhi. Their projects will be meticulously evaluated by a jury comprising academicians, industry experts, and representatives from esteemed institutes and government bodies.

Schools of the shortlisted 200 ideas will also be recognized for their role in nurturing these young innovators. This initiative by Vivo not only highlights the talents of young individuals but also the supportive role played by educational institutions in fostering innovation.

The Vivo Ignite 2023 stands as a shining example of how corporate initiatives can successfully engage and inspire the next generation of problem solvers and innovators. The event not only provides a competitive platform but also nurtures and recognizes the creative potential of young minds, gearing them towards making a positive impact on society through technology and innovation.

Awards and Recognition

  • Attractive Prize Money: The first prize winner of Vivo Ignite 2023 will receive INR 7 lakhs, while four runners-up will share prize money totaling INR 14 lakhs. This substantial prize pool underlines the event’s commitment to rewarding young talent.
  • Certificates and Goodies: In addition to the cash prizes, Vivo will also award certificates and exciting goodies to the top 10 national finalists and the 200 zonal winners, adding further incentives for participation.
  • School Recognition: Recognizing the role of educational institutions in nurturing talent, Vivo will also honor the schools of the shortlisted participants. This step is crucial in encouraging a supportive educational environment for innovative thinking.

Collaboration and Support

  • Partnerships for Nurturing Talent: The event is organized in collaboration with notable entities like CIET-NCERT and iHub DivyaSampark. Such partnerships are instrumental in providing a robust platform for showcasing and nurturing young talent.
  • Role of Jury: The jury for Vivo Ignite 2023 includes academicians, industry experts, and representatives from respected institutes and government bodies. Their role in meticulously evaluating the entries adds credibility and depth to the competition.

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