Home News Mobilla Introduces MPOWER Series at Mobile India Expo

Mobilla Introduces MPOWER Series at Mobile India Expo

Mobilla Introduces MPOWER Series at Mobile India Expo

Mobile accessories manufacturer Mobilla has launched a new line-up of seven power banks, collectively named the ‘MPOWER’ series, at the Mobile India Expo in New Delhi and the Corporate Gifting Show in Mumbai. This series includes the models MPOWER MAG-1, MPOWER 105, MPOWER 106, MPOWER 205, MPOWER 206, MPOWER 303, and MPOWER 715.

Key Highlights:

  • Mobilla launched 7 new power banks in the MPOWER series at Mobile India Expo and Corporate Gifting Show.
  • The range includes MPOWER MAG-1 with MagSafe wireless charging technology.
  • MPOWER 105 features a 10000mAh capacity and an integrated LED flashlight.
  • The MPOWER 106 and 206 provide capacities of 10000mAh and 20000mAh respectively, both with a 4-in-1 inbuilt cable.
  • The MPOWER 303 offers a 30000mAh capacity and dual USB ports for simultaneous charging.
  • MPOWER 715 includes a digital display indicator, a detachable Lightning cable, and supports advanced Power Delivery (PD).

Mobilla Introduces MPOWER Series at Mobile India Expo

The MPOWER MAG-1 is a notable addition, featuring MagSafe wireless charging technology, which allows for easy and secure magnetic alignment with compatible devices. This 10000mAh power bank offers wireless charging without the need for cables. Additionally, the MPOWER 105 model includes a 10000mAh capacity, a 4-in-1 built-in cable, and an integrated LED flashlight, which also comes in a 20000mAh version.

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For simpler charging solutions, the MPOWER 106 offers a 10000mAh capacity with a 4-in-1 inbuilt cable. The MPOWER 303, with its 30000mAh capacity, includes dual USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously. The MPOWER 206 combines a 20000mAh capacity with the convenience of a 4-in-1 inbuilt cable.

The MPOWER 715 introduces a 10000mAh power bank featuring a digital display indicator and a detachable Lightning cable. It is also equipped with advanced Power Delivery (PD) technology for fast charging.

Jignesh Shah, Co-founder of Mobilla, shared his perspective on the launch, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to creating technology that is accessible and reliable. He expressed pride in the positive impact their products have on customers and reiterated the brand’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.

Hetal Shah, Co-founder of Mobilla, highlighted the company’s focus on understanding market needs and providing practical, high-quality solutions. Vishal Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, and Sachin Sharma, Chief Creative Officer at Mobilla, also emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and the development of products that blend aesthetics with functionality.

The MPOWER range of power banks is available for purchase at authorized retailers. For more information about Mobilla’s products, visit their website at mobilla.in.

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