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Mobvoi Rolls Out Wear OS 3 for TicWatch Smartwatches


In a significant update, Mobvoi has announced the rollout of Wear OS 3 for several models of its TicWatch series, marking a crucial development for users of these smartwatches. This update promises to bring a slew of new features and improvements to the devices, enhancing user experience significantly.

The update is targeted at the TicWatch Pro 3 (including GPS, Ultra, Ultra GPS, and LTE variants) and TicWatch E3 models, showing Mobvoi’s commitment to bringing the latest software advancements to its devices. This rollout began just before December 25 and is expected to reach all users within 1-2 months. The Wear OS 3 upgrade is based on Android 11 and introduces new apps, many under-the-hood changes for a better experience, and a simplified app setup for Mobvoi’s health tracking features.

This update’s significance is heightened by its timing; it arrives almost 1,000 days after Google first announced Wear OS 3 and 14 months after Fossil launched Wear OS 3 for its smartwatches. The delay in delivery was attributed to the unique hardware configuration of TicWatch devices, which required the Mobvoi engineering team to develop a new architecture for the update. This complexity is due to the combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform and Mobvoi’s coprocessor used in these watches.

However, the delay has had its repercussions. Many Mobvoi customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the brand over social media, feeling left behind as other manufacturers updated their devices to Wear OS 3 much sooner. Additionally, the update comes at a time when Wear OS 4 is already available on Samsung and Google’s Wear OS watches, raising questions about future updates for TicWatch models.

Despite these challenges, the rollout of Wear OS 3 to TicWatch models is a welcome development for users who have been eagerly awaiting these features. The update is expected to revitalize the user experience on TicWatch devices, bringing them up to speed with other smartwatches on the market. However, the company has yet to provide information regarding an update to Wear OS 4.

For users looking to update their TicWatch devices, some have shared tips on forums about manually prompting their watches to download the update, such as disabling Bluetooth connections or tapping specific options within the system update menu.

As the Wear OS 3 update begins to reach more TicWatch users, it represents a significant step forward for Mobvoi’s product lineup, albeit amidst mixed reactions from its user base regarding the timing and communication surrounding the rollout


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