New AI Pin Aims to Reduce Smartphone Use

New AI Pin Aims to Reduce Smartphone Use
Discover the new AI Pin by Humane, a device designed to simplify your digital life by replacing your smartphone with a wearable gadget featuring advanced AI capabilities.

In an ambitious move to alter our relationship with mobile technology, a new device called the AI Pin has been introduced by Humane. Priced at $699, this device proposes a radical simplification of the smartphone experience by compressing essential mobile functions into a wearable pin. The AI Pin integrates AI capabilities, including voice and text interaction powered by OpenAI models, and offers features like message drafting, language translation, and object identification, all accessible through a touch interface​​.

Humane, founded by ex-Apple employees, sees a future where personal technology fosters focus and genuine connection instead of pulling us away from the world. The AI Pin intends to deliver core digital tools while preventing the endless scrolling, comparison traps, and doom-and-gloom news cycles that have become synonymous with smartphones.

Despite its ambitious goals, the AI Pin is still in its early stages. Experts note its design is sleek and intuitive, yet question its potential to truly replace the multifaceted smartphone experience. The limited feature set and the $699 price tag, with a $24 monthly subscription, raise eyebrows. Nevertheless, Humane is backed by high-profile investors like Sam Altman of OpenAI and Microsoft, suggesting a deep belief in the long-term potential of context-driven wearable technology.

The AI Pin operates on the Cosmos system, moving away from traditional app-based interfaces to what Humane describes as “experiences.” This shift reflects the company’s aim to streamline digital interactions. Notably, the device is not always listening for commands but requires manual activation, addressing potential privacy concerns. It includes various sensors and output tools like a camera, a projector for displaying text on your hand, and connectivity options such as Bluetooth​.

Humane has partnered with mobile carriers to offer a $24 monthly plan that covers a phone number, data, and cloud storage, allowing users to maintain essential communications without a conventional smartphone. The product is expected to ship in early 2024, with pre-orders starting in mid-November 2023​​.

Despite the innovative approach, the practicality and user acceptance of the AI Pin remain to be seen, especially given the mixed reliability of voice interaction systems and the device’s need for constant connectivity​​.

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