Home News New Vivo Update Introduces Unexpected Display Feature

New Vivo Update Introduces Unexpected Display Feature

New Vivo Update Introduces Unexpected Display Feature

Vivo’s latest software update brings an exciting and unexpected new feature to its smartphone lineup. The update, part of Vivo’s FunTouch OS 14, aims to enhance user experience by introducing a range of new capabilities, including an innovative display feature that has caught many by surprise.

Key Highlights of FunTouch OS 14

Launched in October 2023, the FunTouch OS 14 update has been rolled out in phases, starting with the Vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 models and extending to other Vivo and iQOO devices through May 2024​​. This update is packed with enhancements designed to improve device performance, user interface customization, and overall usability.

The Unexpected Display Feature: Motion Blur

One of the standout additions in FunTouch OS 14 is the new “Motion Blur” feature. This feature simulates motion blur when opening and closing apps, significantly enhancing the smoothness of animations, especially on devices with 60 Hz displays​. By reducing perceived stutter, the Motion Blur feature creates a more fluid and visually appealing experience, making everyday interactions with the device feel more polished.

Other Notable Features

The update also includes several other noteworthy features:

  1. Smooth Envision for RAM Management: This feature optimizes RAM usage, freeing up to 600 MB of memory on devices with at least 8 GB of RAM, thereby improving overall performance​.
  2. App Retainer: This ensures that apps stay running in the background, allowing users to switch between tasks seamlessly without losing progress​.
  3. Enhanced Small Window Multitasking: FunTouch OS 14 supports up to 12 active background windows, improving multitasking capabilities​.
  4. Personalized Lock Screen and Always-On Display Styles: Users can now customize their lock screen with various clock styles and choose from new always-on display styles to keep important information visible at a glance without significant battery drain​​.

Improved Camera and Privacy Features

The update also brings improvements to the camera experience. The “Four Seasons Portrait” feature, for instance, uses AI to adjust photo backgrounds to reflect different seasons, adding a creative touch to photography​. Moreover, the Smart Mirroring feature enhances privacy by preventing accidental exposure of personal information during screen sharing​.

Compatibility and Availability

The FunTouch OS 14 update is compatible with a wide range of Vivo models, including the X70 series, V29e, V25, V25 Pro, T2 Pro 5G, and Y100, among others. The phased rollout began in October 2023 and will continue through May 2024, ensuring that a broad spectrum of Vivo users can benefit from these new features​​.

Vivo’s FunTouch OS 14 update brings a host of improvements, with the Motion Blur feature standing out as a particularly unexpected and innovative addition. By enhancing display smoothness and introducing a variety of customization and performance features, Vivo continues to improve the user experience across its smartphone lineup.


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