OPPO India Introduces Innovative Self-Help Digital Assistant

OPPO India Introduces Innovative Self-Help Digital Assistant

Marking World Consumers Rights Day, OPPO India has launched a digital service known as the OPPO Self-Help Assistant. This service is tailored to enable consumers to address their smartphone issues independently, without the need to visit a service center. Available for all OPPO handset models released in the past five years, including the A, F, K, Reno, and Find Series, the initiative is in line with the Government of India’s “Right to Repair” framework, aiming to offer substantial support and guidance to customers.

Key Highlights:

  • The service is a pioneering digital assistant for smartphone support in India.
  • It is accessible through the OPPO website or the MyOPPO app, covering over 400 settings and functions.
  • The platform includes features for both simulations and troubleshooting, enhancing user understanding and problem-solving capabilities.

OPPO India Introduces Innovative Self-Help Digital Assistant

Savio D’Souza, Director of Product Communications at OPPO India, stated, “This portal equips users with necessary information to troubleshoot their OPPO smartphones efficiently, obviating the need to visit a service center. It’s aimed at empowering users and enriching their experience with OPPO devices.”

Through the OPPO Self-Help Assistant, users can navigate to the specific device model and choose between simulations and troubleshooting options. The simulations section offers access to more than 400 settings and functions like Camera, Memory, Recording, Backup, Wi-Fi & Hotspot, facilitating users to learn about their phone’s features through digital guides. On the other hand, the troubleshooting section allows users to address software issues related to Data, Network, and Device Support by answering a series of questions. Feedback mechanisms are in place for users to rate their resolution experience, and contact information can be submitted for follow-up on unresolved issues.

Looking ahead, OPPO India plans to introduce multilingual support for the Self-Help Assistant and extend its service to include IoT products, aiming to further improve the self-service experience for users.

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