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Paytm’s E-commerce Wing Rebrands as Pai Platforms, Steps into ONDC with Bitsila Acquisition

Paytm's E-commerce Wing Rebrands as Pai Platforms, Steps into ONDC with Bitsila Acquisition

In a significant move that signals a new chapter for Paytm’s e-commerce ambitions, the company’s e-commerce division has undergone a rebranding, now known as Pai Platforms. This change comes alongside the acquisition of Bitsila, a seller platform that operates within the ambit of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), marking a strategic pivot in the company’s approach to online retail.

The transition from Paytm E-commerce to Pai Platforms was officially sanctioned by the Registrar of Companies on February 8, culminating a process that began about three months prior. This rebranding is not just a change in name but signals a broader shift in strategy and focus towards leveraging the ONDC network, a government-backed initiative aimed at democratizing digital commerce and reducing the monopolistic hold of large e-commerce entities.

Pai Platforms, already a significant player on the ONDC as a buyer platform, aims to bolster its position in the e-commerce domain with the acquisition of Bitsila. Founded in 2020, Bitsila is recognized for its full-stack omnichannel and hyperlocal commerce capabilities, making it a valuable addition to Pai Platforms’ commerce arsenal. This acquisition is seen as a move to solidify Pai Platforms’ foothold in the online retail landscape, which is becoming increasingly competitive.

The backing of Elevation Capital, along with the support from Paytm’s Founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Softbank, and eBay, provides Pai Platforms with a robust foundation to advance its objectives. Despite these strategic advancements, Paytm’s parent company, One 97 Communications, experienced a near 9% drop in share prices, reflecting investor responses to the company’s shifting dynamics in the e-commerce and digital payments arena.

This development underscores a broader trend in the digital commerce sector, where entities are seeking to diversify their offerings and strengthen their capabilities through strategic acquisitions and leveraging government-supported platforms like ONDC. For Pai Platforms, this move represents a significant step towards expanding its e-commerce and digital commerce footprint, with a focus on inclusivity and accessibility in the digital marketplace.

The initiative by Pai Platforms to integrate more deeply with ONDC through the acquisition of Bitsila could herald a new era of e-commerce in India, characterized by a more open, interoperable, and competitive market space.


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