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Pixel 9 to Feature Upgraded Fingerprint Sensor

Pixel 9 to Feature Upgraded Fingerprint Sensor

A recent leak suggests that Google’s forthcoming Pixel 9 series will incorporate Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This technology, already utilized in the Samsung Galaxy S24, is expected to enhance the user experience significantly compared to the current optical scanners used in Pixel devices.

Key Enhancements and Partnerships

The 3D Sonic Gen 2 sensor employs Suprema algorithms for signal processing and matching, a collaboration that has been successful in Samsung’s Galaxy S series since 2019. Additionally, Qualcomm integrated Precise Biometrics’ BioMatch Mobile software in 2021, further bolstering the system’s security against spoofing attempts.

Addressing User Concerns

The decision to switch to ultrasonic technology comes in response to customer feedback regarding the unreliability and slowness of the current under-display fingerprint sensor in Pixel phones. This move indicates Google’s commitment to addressing these issues by adopting a more advanced and robust solution.

Shift from Optical Scanners

Prompted by consumer feedback criticizing the performance of the existing optical scanners, Google has decided to transition to ultrasonic scanners. The traditional optical scanners, which function by projecting light onto the fingerprint, often suffer from performance issues in the presence of moisture or dirt. The adoption of Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 technology is aimed at mitigating these problems by using ultrasonic pulses to capture detailed impressions of fingerprints.

Biometric System Performance

While the overall performance of a biometric system can depend on various factors, the switch to an ultrasonic sensor is expected to significantly enhance user satisfaction. The 3D Sonic Gen 2 sensor works by emitting ultrasonic pulses that map out the unique patterns of ridges and valleys on a fingerprint. This method allows for a more detailed and accurate reproduction of the fingerprint, sized at 64mm2.

Superior Technology for Enhanced Security and Performance

Unlike optical scanners that rely on light to capture fingerprint images, the 3D Sonic Gen 2 utilizes ultrasonic pulses to create a detailed 64mm2 reproduction of the fingerprint. This method is less susceptible to performance degradation caused by moisture or dirt, offering improved reliability and accuracy.

Noteworthy Exceptions

While all Pixel 9 models are expected to feature the new ultrasonic sensor, the Pixel Fold will retain its existing capacitive fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button.

Official Unveiling

Google has officially announced that the Pixel 9 series will be unveiled on August 13th, where we can expect further details about the new fingerprint technology and other exciting features.


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